Save the Date: SMIJ Tailgate Trunk Show, Sept 1st at Henry & Pearl

Football season is so close I can smell it. To kick-off the season, we are hosting a SMIJ Tailgate Trunk Show at Henry & Pearl.  See it on Facebook HERE.  We’ll do the event from 11-2, I think.  That night Cambridge and Milton play each other at Cambridge and all the College games start that weekend.  We’ll have NEW tees in college colors PLUS a new graphic for 2017 that I am sooooo excited about.  I am grabbing one for myself as soon as my Dad gets them printed!  We are going to have it in short and long sleeve and several colors that can work for any team.  I want one in every color, but I think I’ll grab a camo one.  Or maybe one of each… Hee Hee!  The first time those will be available will be at this event.  For now, grab any one of these tees pictured here at Henry & Pearl before they sell out.  I won’t be getting anymore short sleeve high school tees in this year.  I hope you stop by the event to say “hi” and enjoy a little tailgating with SMIJ.

3 Denim Styles You Should Have for Fall

I had the most fun yesterday.  I friend called and asked if I wanted to go jeans shopping with her yesterday.  It took me about 10 seconds to rearrange my day and re-prioritize to make that happen!  We had a blast!  She scored big time and I got to really dig in on this year’s styles to share with you.  This will take more than one post, for sure.  There are the cutest jeans this year.  I overheard other shoppers saying the same thing.  This year really has too many must-haves.  Hopefully, these fun denim trends are around for awhile so I can add to my collection over time.  For today, I thought it would be fun to share the three that I think are great starters for the Fall.

  1. A cropped released hem bootcut is a great one and every brand is doing their version.  Here is a favorite from Frame and I’ve linked up a bunch of jeans below in a chart where you’ll see more.
  2. You can’t go wrong with another pair with some varying denim washes.  I am not even kidding when I tell you that this is exactly what I wore to my first day of high school.  Things really do come back around.  Here is the pair pictured in this post and the ones my friend got.
  3. OK, this is one I’ve never had before, but tried on and LOVED.  A side stripe is totally on-trend and super cute.  They come in many colors and brands and styles, but one thing is for sure, the side stripe is in.  This is one of my favorites in that trend.

See below for the collection I’ve linked up to show you just some of the favorites I have for the season.  This list was compiled with denim and trend experts at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and a 3 hour fitting room session so I feel pretty confident we are on point here.  It’s going to be a fun season for those of us who love jeans!

Going to the U.S. Open? Travel Chic



Anyone headed to the U.S. Open in a few weeks?  This trip remains on my Bucket List, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start outfit planning for it.  Since it’s still pretty hot in NYC in early September, this irresistible outfit would be great for the freezing cold plane ride there.  New York-bound in a cute “New York” sweatshirt in a great summer navy is the perfect travel outfit.  Not only is the outfit cute and chic, but it is super comfy.  The sweatshirt is cozy, but not too heavy and the jeans are stretchy and soft without losing their fit.  Toss on some wedges that you can slip out of in-flight and you’ll look New York Chic to start your trip.  Shop the pieces below.

Sky High Stripes

The cut of these jeans combined with the vertical stripes do great things for me!  I think they would be so cute for Game Days, too.  I would style the white ones with camo or army green shirts with on-trend patches.  Or, if you happen to have black as one of your school colors like the hubs and me, the white ones can be styled in more ways that I can imagine.  I ‘ll be posting all season!  The others would look so cute with SMIJ Game Day tees in your school colors.  Just sayin… You can grab one – or one of each! – at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA.  Throw on some fun wedges or current sneakers and you are all set.  Wait until you see our new “Game Day” hats, too.  This outfit is shaping up nicely!

Athleisure Meets Denim

I am getting in the mood for Game Day looks and these athleisure-meets-denim cropped jeans hit the mark big time.  That stripe gives them a varsity look and I immediately pictured them outside a stadium enjoying some pre-game fun.  I plan to share some looks that will work for the tailgate in coming weeks.  For now, I thought it would be fun to start talking about the countless ways to style these super cute jeans.  I love how creative designers make us think differently about our staples, such as jeans.  There are so, so many cute takes on your basic denim this Fall and I plan to cover them all right here on the SMIJ Blog.

To get us started, I love, first of all, that these WHITE jeans hit the store right before Labor Day.  I think they are giving us permission to wear them right past that old deadline.  I love the crisp white paired with camo or army green and this Rails shirt with the patches give the outfit just enough interest without making it too busy.  And, the cropped cut of the jeans gives you the responsibility to wear cute shoes because they are the star.  I chose these comfy black Adidas which contract nicely off the jeans and the stripes in the shoes play nicely with the stripes in the pants.  Now, we have one casual, super-chic Fall outfit of the day.

{Shop all the components in the links at the bottom of post.}

Keep Those Beach Cover-Ups Suitcase-Ready

I’m really loving all these school breaks built in throughout the year. Our favorite times to go to the beach before we had to follow the school calendar were the Winter, Spring and Fall. School really gets in the way of that plan! 

Now, enter these great breaks pretty much every school month and the opportunities to hit the beach have multiplied. Hope that you are planning to spend one of your breaks at the beach, too. On a fashion note, I’ll be keeping my cover-ups close to my suitcase because they have become a year round outfit. Shop SMIJ Cover -Ups at Henry & Pearl for a couple more weeks…

Friday Night Lights SMIJ Style

OK, I’m just going to say it.  I think we Nailed It on SMIJ tees this year for Cambridge and Milton fans.  I love every single one of them.  You won’t even have to wear the same thing twice!  The “30004” with the paw prints can be purchased at Cambridge games and the football graphic can be purchased at Milton’s own favorite shop, Henry & Pearl.  There is a new tee coming this week, too, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to want that one, too.  I’ll post on Instagram as soon as it’s available.  Plus, we’ll be doing one re-stock since some are already sold out – I didn’t even grab one for myself.  I’ll grab one before I post next time.  Hee! Hee!

Call Henry & Pearl to get yours set aside because we won’t be re-stocking again this year.

Up next, 3 great options for Falcons, Dawgs and football fans, in general.

Frame the Fall

I had my first little try-on sesh with Frame Denim after seeing pair after pair that I thought were so cute.  Here are my thoughts:

  • LOVE!!!!
  • Super stretchy
  • Great colors
  • Loving the cutting-edge hemlines
    • Especially the cropped boot-cut, release hem with slits, several great crop options
  • Designed to show off shoes this Fall.
  • Really comfortable waist height options.
  • You can even size down.  The stretch gives some flexibility.  They definitely run on size or a size down.
  • I did my playing at Neiman Marcus and the service was amazing.  I recommend having some fun there.

If you plan to invest in a great piece to have on repeat this Fall, Frame Denim should be on your list.  I plan to share several ways I plan to style these new crop boot-cuts in an upcoming post.

{Shop them below by clicking on the pictures.}

Hot August Night

I think I found the best dress for August in the South. It even has “breeze” in the name!  {Shop it here.}  It is super lightweight cotton dress with smocking. I know!  I’m not usually a fan, but it has some embroidery on the smocking on the sleeves that gives the dress just the right kick and the smocking at the neckline gives it that “breeze”.  They call this a “pop-on” dress and that is a great description. I wore mine for a Monday morning coffee meeting in Buckhead and it kept me cool and stylish. This dress could be styled with cute sneakers (like these) and a denim jacket (like this J.Crew one here) heading into Fall making it a good transition piece, too.   This dress is definitely a SMIJ Pick.

Boys & Girls and the First Day of School

When I ask my son what he is wearing on the first day of school, he shrugs and looks at me like “who cares”.  It is less than 24 hours until the first bell rings and he has not made THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION yet.

Thank goodness for one with the right priorities!  My daughter on the other hand has the outfit identified right down to the last accessory.  I’ve managed to convince her that heart-shaped sunglasses will not be needed in the classroom so, other than those, we have her dream outfit.  I love J. Crew Crewcuts.  It’s more than I like to spend on clothes for growing kids, but it is the first day of school and I’m pretty good at finding deals.  We found the outfit and then I looked on-line where they were doing a 20% off with free shipping on-line only.  Since we had some time, we took that route and it got here just in time for Day #1.  J. Crew has sales all the time on line, BTW.  I’ve linked to the outfit below because it is ridiculously cute. These shorts come in lots of color and fit very nicely.  We went a size up cuz girl got some junk in her trunk.  They are a perfect fit and even have the adjustable waist.  Recommend!  And, the shoes… I mean.  And, a chambray addiction should start young.  Here we come, school year.