Greenville Day

I mentioned we did a quick little trip to Greenville last week and I wanted to share a recap. 🚙💨

Ever since Waiting on Martha did a piece in Garden & Gun about a weekend in Greenville, it’s been in my go-to list. 🗺

Here we go…

Girls’ Day in Greenville


For starters, It is a great Girls’ Day town. 👩‍👧

If you are crazy like me and enjoy a drive, this one is the perfect length to enjoy a large coffee, good conversation and some windshield time from Atlanta to Greenville. I come up with lots of SMIJ ideas during these times and always arrive motivated. ☕️

First stop 🛑

Willy Taco Feed & Seed 🌮 @willytacofeedandseed

The food, atmosphere and service were 👍👊🙌.

BTW, that South Carolina friendliness was consistent everywhere we went. At first, I was like, “Wow, what a nice person.” And then I realized I was saying that everywhere! Had a small town, friendly, talk-to-everyone kinda feel.

Next stop 🛑

Off to Downtown to visit Falls Park on the Reedy. 💦

I love when cities carve out space in downtown areas for great parks and Greenville went above and beyond with this one. Take the bridges and paths and explore.

Now, a little shopping. 🛍

Destination Augusta Twenty


… Which did not disappoint! I follow them on Instagram and wanted to make sure I stopped in. So many things I would want to get in one shop. This store has curated some great brands and pieces that would be my one stop shop for all dates nights, parties and other outfit-worthy events if I lived in Greenville.


By the time we walked there, I was a bit sweaty and Reese a bit impatient so I did no damage, but… I’ll be back. #brb

After this we grabbed some water because it is next-level hot in SC in the Summer. 🔥

And, a stop at a cute Main Street Toy Shop for some road trip coloring/art things before we hit the road home. 🛣

Oh, and just as important… the #ootd .

I wore a super lightweight outfit (recommend lightweight!). I’ve been wanting to wear these fun earrings with black & white stripes and today was the day. (Ha! Does anyone else plan outfits or do you have way more important things in your head? These topics are good mental escapes. That’s my excuse.)

Also, tossed on red shoes to pull from the earrings and, a nod to the nearby Champion Tigers, with my SMIJ scarf. 🐯 This town is great for my current tiger obsession.

I give Greenville 5 cars on my 1-5 “Worth the Drive” Scale


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Road Trip Cozy

I was raised on road trips and I still love them. There is an art form to them and it’s always evolving with experience, age of kids, and destinations.

This season we took ours way up a level with our new Road Trip Blankets. I was wanting to make a baby swaddle blanket for someone and kept seeing this trend in jersey knit swaddle blankets. They are super soft, stretchy, come in great colors and prints, pack small, yet are very cozy. I just kept wishing these came in adult sizes.

I realized during this search that I could just make them myself.

Every time I make one, someone in the family claims it. They are that awesome. We’ve taken them on a few car trips and I really can’t believe we ever lived without them.

Since we love them so much, I’ve been making them as gifts now, too. The only problem is narrowing down the color/print choices each time. The combos are endless.

Make It Monday • Here’s What I’ve Been Making

Something about this Spring weather each year that gets me in the sewing mood and this year is no different.  This year, though, I also invested two afternoons at TopStitch Atlanta learning to sew swimwear so my motivation now has a new skill set to go with it.  I thought it might be fun to share a few things from my sewing machine.  Often, I making things that may someday be offered at SMIJ.

Here we go….

Above:  I’m making a romper.  That word, “romper” makes me cringe.  I am way too old to wear something called a romper.  Let’s call it a shorts jumpsuit. It’s a stretch black and white gingham seersucker.  I have a Free People version of this that sold out so fast.  It’s super comfortable and flattering and convenient one-piece dressing.  It’s a variation on the simplicity of throwing on a dress.  I have to admit, I always feel a little strange wearing it, but I love it. I just wear it where I know I won’t know anyone.  Ha!  Not kidding…

Below:  I love my new tropical print midi skirt.  It is lightweight, pull on, midi length and I could definitely see this in our SMIJ line-up soon. I made one last year for a trip and it was the perfect travel day piece.  Cute and stylish, but good coverage for all the bending and twisting that goes with airplane travel days.

Then, swimwear, shorts and a shorter pull-on skirt.  The swimwear is so fun to make.  There are endless variations and I’m having fun trying them all.  If I were back in the 70s, I would wear this leopard top as a halter top with some high-waisted shorts, too.  It will look cute with some denim cut-offs at the beach, also. Then the shorts are a slightly longer length than our current shorts.  These could be another option and great for running around town.  The shorter skirt is another option instead of shorts.  I love these shorter skirts with tees and tanks for Spring and Summer days.

Also, pictured is a longer version of our Beach Caftan in a neutral stripe.  I’m playing around with different lengths for future SMIJ lines.

Lots of fun is just beginning in my little sewing studio.  Which is your favorite?

Hey Atlanta, Girl Tribe Going Down For Real

Rainy Saturdays are made for shopping.  And, as luck would have it, I planned a nice rainy Saturday for you.  Girl Tribe Co is hosting their Atlanta Pop-Up this Saturday at Mason Fine Art from 10-5 and it’s an INDOOR venue. The venue alone is enough reason to visit, but there is also going to be a roomful of women-owned businesses offering a unique shopping experience.  There are special discounts during the first two hours offered to VIP shoppers (you can buy VIP tix), too.

Reese and I attended this event during VIP hours as shoppers last year and we had a blast.  We left with a bag full of SWAG for one thing.  Reese still talks about how awesome it was.  Everything is pink which is a big hit with her and all the vendors and people associated with the event were so nice to her.  It was such a fun girl’s day.  But, it’s not just for the girls.  There are lots of boyfriends and husbands there, too.  It is just a cool event.

I will have a fun booth all set up with Aprons, Cover-Ups, Shorts and Tees.  I’ll have some things that I don’t have listed on the website and we’ll be offering discounts all day.  If I’m not in my booth, its because I can’t resist shopping while I’m there.  Come see me this Saturday!

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Taco Tuesday Twists

I heard recently that most people dislike Tuesday more than any other day of the week. In my house, we can relate! I guess you are still a little tired from the weekend and then the next weekend seems so far away. Whatever the reason, we have figured out a way to make Tuesdays a little more bearable – Taco Tuesday! Isn’t the answer to happiness always food, though. (I may need a therapist.)

Anyway, here are two fun “Taco Tuesday” meals we’ve done lately that we’re big hits. First one is Ree Drummond’s Chicken Taco Salad (pictured above). This is a healthier version of Taco Tuesday, too.

Then, a personal fave is Stuffed Poblano Peppers. I cut them in half lengthwise, brush them with olive oil and then roast them at 400 for about 20 minutes. Then stuff them with anything tacoish- Chicken, ground beef, cheese, onions… whatever. Roast a little longer then top with salsa, sour cream or anything you like.

What do you do to make the week more fun?

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Shorts, Seersucker, Sun, Season after Season (and why that matters)

“So, I went ahead and bought another pair because I absolutely love the first pair you sent me… I am so excited!!!” – Valued SMIJ Customer, April 23, 2019

When I read this note, I felt so happy.  I love these shorts, too.  I live in them Summer after Summer and it’s so fun to know others are loving them as much as I do.  Many of our styles are already sold out so I wanted to do this post so you could grab a pair before they are all gone.

I’ve been learning a lot lately about how the textile industry is the #2 polluter in the world.  That’s not good.  There are many practices in the clothing industry that are not kind to people or the environment.  I’m still learning how I can be part of the solution with SMIJ.  I’ll share what we are doing so far in a future post, but for now I am happy that our clothing styles are high quality and timeless.  This means that they will give you season after season of happiness.  They will not be in a landfill after one Summer like clothes from these cheap stores that don’t last.  I’ve actually never retired a pair of shorts or a cover-up and I still look forward to wearing them each Summer.  I hope that speaks to the quality and the flattering styles that you just can’t wait to wear again and again.

Thanks  for wearing SMIJ!  It is so fun to make these shorts and see all the adventures they go on with you cool girls.  Heres to Summer, tan legs, seersucker, EARTH and YOU! Shop shorts here.

First SMIJ Dress Takes a Spin

I made this last Summer and finally got the professional sample produced. I love it! And, bonus, it even has pockets. I’m putting in the order for these now that I’ve finally had a chance to life-test it. It did church, brunch and everything else a Spring Sunday can handle.

I layered it with a longer cardi for this day. I have all kinds of plans for this dress, though. From fun layers to delicate or chunky jewelry to endless shoe possibilities. I think we have a winner here.

I think this first round will be in two shades of blue chambray and, from there… who knows. I have a green lightweight linen I’m dying to use and this dress may be the perfect place. We’ll see. Thanks for following along on the creative process. Your feedback is always appreciated.

What Your Spring Needs Now

Layers! These last few days have been so beautiful. They’ve also mixed in sun, warmth, rain, cooler temps and wind. It’s about impossible to know how to dress.

We all know it’s the season of layering. These new tees make a fun, Springy base layer. Then pop on a “shacket”. Let me explain, I just saw a fave blogger use this word for my very favorite layering piece – a shirt worn as a jacket. I do this all. the. time. And, now, thanks to Beth Chappo of Seersucker & Saddles, I have a name for this “style”.

Anyway, back to layering. A cute sweatshirt is another good layer. Choose a Spring color and you can still have all the Spring feels, but stay warm til the temps rise.

And, how could I forget?!?! The Wander Wrap!

And, it won’t be long until the SMIJ Shirtdress is here for endless layering options.

Pop-Up with SMIJ Saturday – March 23, 1-4, Henry & Pearl

Pop-up with us this Saturday. We’re taking over Henry & Pearl’s sunny, fun patio for an afternoon of friends, sun, beach styles and treats.

We’ll be there from 1-4 and all SMIJ will be 20% off. We want to get you ready for Spring Break. I’m thrilled to see that the weather is going to cooperate and give up 70 degrees and sun. Perfection.

We are also going to do a give-away. You can enter to win a Swag Bag that will includes a SMIJ Cover -Up, Hat, Apron and T-Shirt + plus more.

And, we’ll have our fun charms for you to keep. Each charms represents money we give to charities. You’ll get to pick your own.

As Saturday approaches, I keep dreaming up more fun. Come see me!