It is Time to Get Game Day Serious

The weather is cooperating just in time for a big football weekend and it is time to get serious, y’all. Grab your Game Day outfits, plan your menu and gather your friends.  It’s almost Saturday in the South.  My plan for the weekend is firepit, TV outside and Carnitas for all.  This Carnita recipe is so citrusy and zesty.  Email me if you want something to add to your Game Day recipe box!  Also, I love new recipe ideas so send me your faves, too.  My Game Day outfit will definitely include a SMIJ thermal and “Game Day” hat.  I just re-stocked SMIJ “Game Day” hats at Henry & Pearl (Milton) and Serendipity (Historic Roswell) and both also have thermals.  I think short sleeve choices are mostly sold out, but they may have a couple sizes left.  I think Henry & Pearl has a couple of camo options left, too.  I sold mine right off my back (good problem!) so I don’t have camo or I’d definitely be wearing that this weekend.  I’m actually going to do one re-stock on camo this month so stay tuned.  Anyway, get serious! It’s Friday and you should be wearing your colors right now.  Shop my local shops and get Game Day ready with me.  Thanks for wearing SMIJ!!!

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