Shorts, Seersucker, Sun, Season after Season (and why that matters)

“So, I went ahead and bought another pair because I absolutely love the first pair you sent me… I am so excited!!!” – Valued SMIJ Customer, April 23, 2019

When I read this note, I felt so happy.  I love these shorts, too.  I live in them Summer after Summer and it’s so fun to know others are loving them as much as I do.  Many of our styles are already sold out so I wanted to do this post so you could grab a pair before they are all gone.

I’ve been learning a lot lately about how the textile industry is the #2 polluter in the world.  That’s not good.  There are many practices in the clothing industry that are not kind to people or the environment.  I’m still learning how I can be part of the solution with SMIJ.  I’ll share what we are doing so far in a future post, but for now I am happy that our clothing styles are high quality and timeless.  This means that they will give you season after season of happiness.  They will not be in a landfill after one Summer like clothes from these cheap stores that don’t last.  I’ve actually never retired a pair of shorts or a cover-up and I still look forward to wearing them each Summer.  I hope that speaks to the quality and the flattering styles that you just can’t wait to wear again and again.

Thanks  for wearing SMIJ!  It is so fun to make these shorts and see all the adventures they go on with you cool girls.  Heres to Summer, tan legs, seersucker, EARTH and YOU! Shop shorts here.