Road Trip Cozy

I was raised on road trips and I still love them. There is an art form to them and it’s always evolving with experience, age of kids, and destinations.

This season we took ours way up a level with our new Road Trip Blankets. I was wanting to make a baby swaddle blanket for someone and kept seeing this trend in jersey knit swaddle blankets. They are super soft, stretchy, come in great colors and prints, pack small, yet are very cozy. I just kept wishing these came in adult sizes.

I realized during this search that I could just make them myself.

Every time I make one, someone in the family claims it. They are that awesome. We’ve taken them on a few car trips and I really can’t believe we ever lived without them.

Since we love them so much, I’ve been making them as gifts now, too. The only problem is narrowing down the color/print choices each time. The combos are endless.