The Cute Way to Carry Not-So-Cute Things – Beach Essentials Bags

When it comes to beach bags I’m in the bigger-the-better category. I love big bags and I cannot lie. I think they actually make my butt look smaller, too. Ha! Too much info there…

Anyway, back to my vanity issues later. Anyhoo… even though I like the big bags I do still like to find things quickly. Kids and the beach are quite the combo. You need lightening fast access to waters, snacks, diapers, toys, sunblock (oh, the sunblock!), SPF lip balm (I’m a little obsessed on this one. Like, I reapply the family every 20 min.), another water because that last one got sand in it (every time), keys to the beach house (how many times a day do you “just run back” for something?) and money – oh and wipes!

Anyway, I’m a big fan of cute “Beach Essentials” bags to hold all the, well, essentials for a successful beach days. Here are a few that would look great in your beach bag. Shop them here.

Aprons to Enchiladas (New Recipe)

Then there’s those people who seem to be good at everything! Love seeing my supermodel friend, Carolyn, in her beautiful home wearing a SMIJ Apron. Of course, I had to ask her to share a favorite recipe.

She shared Quinoa Enchilada Casserole (Pictured below and here:

This is where the magic exists, y’all…

Here are her own notes after making this several times.

“This is a crowd pleaser if you like Mexican. I buy the quinoa / brown rice 90 sec packets and use the whole thing, I eliminate the green Chile’s and instead I throw in a can of mild Ro*tel.  I’m always improvising in the kitchen.  Rarely do I follow a recipe to the T…. anyway, It’s from damn delicious and It is !! So easy make ahead!”

I love make-ahead options like this one. Sometimes meals like this even taste better if they’ve had a chance to mingle flavors. This seems like one of those.

Carolyn also makes a great SMIJ Apron model. Her home is gorgeous (decorated by her & sources she selected), she’s a fierce, but friendly tennis player, a great friend, a role-model mom and a great cook and entertainer. Grateful to have her in SMIJ.

Grab an Apron for you and a friend at a Henry & Pearl in Milton or Serendipity in Roswell or on-line at SMIJ by Jill. They make great bridal, hostess and shower gifts, too!

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 is a SATURDAY, Y’all!

We love St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s a sign that Spring is upon us, maybe it’s that our gray and black Winter wardrobes get that much-needed pop of color or maybe it’s because it’s the first time many of us have ventured out since October. Whatever the reason, it is one of the best days of the year. This year it’s on a Saturday, too! We at SMIJ take our role in your St. Patty’s Day very seriously. We have NEW tees and hats just for you! Grab one on our website or at Henry & Pearl. Also, more to come next week.

SMIJ Store Live – Shop Anytime

First of all, thanks for asking! I have people asking for an option to shop on-line. I decided to go ahead a post a few things on-line so that option can be available, too. Who am I to stand in the way of getting SMIJ?!

Take a peek here. Thanks so much for shopping SMIJ!

Resort Looks for Every Resort Day

<Mumu Swim | SMIJ Caftan>

I am really in the mood to hit the beach. Looking forward to a trip is a l m o s t as much fun as the trip itself. And, that includes dreaming up those vacation outfits. I am one of those people who needs a different suit, cover-up, sunglasses, hat and sometimes even shoes for each beach day. I grew up in Florida. We didn’t have all those Fall and Winter looks to play with so we had to make the most of our Summer wardrobes. Beach looks are a Summer category all to themselves! Here are some SMIJ Cover-Ups paired up with some of my fave swim brands. Hope you get some Resortspiration here.

(Above) gingham suit – I chose to put that with our white cover-up that has red thread running through it. I think these two really complement each other. Great Memorial Day or 4th of Jily beach look, too.

<Topshop Swim at Nordstrom | SMIJ “happy” Caftan>

With the black & White Caftan, I thought a pop of color in the swim suit would be fun. It would look great with a black or white suit, too. Oh, and, mirrored sunglasses!

<Nordstrom one-piece | SMIJ One-Tie Cover-Up>

I love this pink flamingo cover-up. It has a one tie closure in the front giving just a peek at the suit underneath. So…how great to put a suit with some interesting detail there to be seen ever so slightly while you stroll up for a bite of lunch at the resort.

<Red one-piece at Nordstrom | Hat & Shorts are SMIJ>

I love Beach Shorts for running around those Beach Towns, and they can make great cover-ups, too. I put these with a sleek one-piece that can double as a tank off the beach.

<J Crew & Henry & Pearl>

Beach blues never go out of style. Piled on the Blue for this beach look. Grab some gold sandals and you are set.

<On-trend High-waisted suit at Nordstrom | Seersucker Caftan at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA>

Classic, timeless Seersucker and Navy. Enough said.

<Boys & Arrows Suit | SMIJ hat>

This is a beach-all-day look. Umbrellas, beach games, cooler, friends, kids, lunch on the beach, just add sunblock kinda look.

<SMIJ Madras Cover-Up at Henry & Pearl | J Crew Suit>

I love mixing and matching tops and bottoms and, with Madras, the combinations seem to be endless.

<SMIJ Wrap-Style Cover-Up in Seersucker | Nordstrom OnePiece>

This business started with our wrap-style Cover-Up and this little Seersucker version is just the cutest. I love the combo of the red, white, blue, stripes and gingham. It is one of my favorites. I paired it with red for the Summer.

Hope these ideas added to your ideas for your next sunny getaway.

Gather Your Friends, It’s Time to Entertain – SMIJ Aprons are Here

I have been so excited about the very idea of these SMIJ Aprons and now they are here! They are sewn and getting their little anchor embroidered on them this week. They will be ready for your gatherings next week. I think these will make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, Hostesses, Brides, Bridemaids, Housewarming, Mother’s Day and Thank Yous.

Also, here’s something I think would be fun to try this year. If there is a Bride who would like to get matching Aprons or Resort Cover-Ups for your Bridal Party, lets chat. I think these could make great gifts and look really cute in a wedding party picture.

Follow the SMIJ GRAM for updates on where to find these Aprons next week.

Resort Time, SMIJ-Version

Everywhere I turn I’m seeing Spring styles and travel inspiration. I plan to have SMIJ Beach in stores by March 1st. I’ve been getting lots of inquiries about when these styles will be available because you guys think like I do – it’s time to plan those beach trips! These Caftans are one size, flowy beach boho style, and in amazing colors that complement your beach views. If you need one before March 1st, contact me and we’ll get you hooked up. If March 1st works for you, stay tuned for our launch which will also include fun travel tees and new hats you’ll love to wear on the beach. Happy Planning, Beach Lovers!

2018, Here We Go

First of all, thank you for wearing and giving SMIJ in 2017. It’s been another thrilling year! Some highlights were providing SMIJ tees to the Cambridge Bears Athletics and seeing them every Friday night+, an entire team of moms wearing SMIJ hats at a soccer tourney in Jekyll Island, several new stores carrying SMIJ, added new zip codes, fun Tailgate Party at Henry & Pearl, “Game Day” SMIJ cheering on ATL United, ATL Braves, Falcons, kids’ teams and all the college teams. SMIJ showing up in Italy, Mexico & London. And the beach! Where to begin. Seeing so many of you in my Cover-Up designs during your vacations is what began this whole adventure. The highlight list goes on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am so excited for 2018. Aprons will be ready early this year. We have a huge St. Patty’s Day planned. There will be a line of Spring tees that are inspired by travel. Resort Cover-Ups and Shorts will be ready for your beach trips starting this Spring. And… that is just the beginning.

Plan your adventures and take SMIJ with you. We’ve got you covered!

Much SMIJ Love to you all. ❤️

Asheville in 48 Hours – with Kids

We took a super quick little run up to Asheville last month and I wanted to share a couple of highlights. I pulled parts of our itinerary from others who provided these same posts. I love following itineraries of bloggers who are great enough to share their experiences. I added a couple of things based on our research and interests, too.

Before our trip, I went on-line to secure Biltmore Estate tour tickets. You get a pretty good discount by ordering 7 days in advance and then you pick your time to enter the house. (Picking the time is only required during busy holiday season.)

We took the scenic route from Atlanta because, ya know, getting there is half the fun. We headed straight to downtown, funky, fun Asheville. We had a delicious, cozy meal at Tupelo Honey Cafe , which offered great service in s bustling atmosphere. It was super cold and windy outside and this meal was warm on every level. We loved our time in Tupelo.

After Tupelo, we shopped around downtown for a bit even visiting the Asheville Anthropologie, because, of course, I need to see the exact same stuff from the Atlanta Anthros just in a different city. Always!

Then, we checked into our Hilton (love those Hilton points!) in Biltmore Park. This is a mixed use – retail, hotel, office, residential – area like any other. The great thing is that it’s dead center between downtown and the Biltmore. It is also safe and offers every convenience a family needs. You can walk everywhere, they have a large indoor pool, room service, access to lots of shops and restaurants. Great place to recharge.

The next day was gorgeous so we got to enjoy the outdoors. It was our day to tour the Biltmore, but we also got to enjoy the grounds and the gardens on the most beautiful day. We got really lucky on that! We also took a scenic ride down the French Broad River, stopping at a couple of river parks.

A definite highlight of our trip was our meal at 12 Bones Smokehouse. Delicious food and huge portions. Also, it’s located in a funky arts district where every wall is covered in graffiti. This is a definite stop if you are in Asheville.

Asheville was a lot of fun and you’ll never run out of things to do. We could’ve spent a lot more time at any of our stops, but this trip was designed to see a lot in a short period of time. We had a blast!

From Jetsetters to Home Bodies, Henry & Pearl Has Your List Covered

Thanks to Henry & Pearl’s amazing selection of gifts I was able to get quite a few presents purchased already. Not only that, I found gifts I’m so happy to give. Each gift passed my 3-second-test, which is simply that I must love something 100% within the first 3 seconds or I don’t buy it.

I found things for my jet setters, tech buffs, Christmas fanatics, fitness addicts, interior decorators, fashionistas, Milton lovers, hoop girls and hostesses. And, each item is under $50, some way under $50.

I’m including a Sneak Peek below. This is only a sample of the gifts available in the shop.

1. Everyone needs a Yeti drink holder. I use mine at Tennis, in the car, at the beach, literally everywhere. Now, they come in all sizes and price points.

2. If you have a hoop girl in your life, know that we can always use a new pair. If they are like me, they are always losing one – or just always want shiny new ones.

3.  These zip code hats come in 2 styles and many colors. They also have “USA” or “Cambridge” and “Milton” choices. These hats are designed so you’ll buy one for you and a friend.

4. The most fun needlepoint keychains for Home, lake houses, beach houses, play cars and keeps. You won’t be able to get just one!

5.  Key chains for the southern girl.

6.  Trim the tree in needlepoint style.

7.  Giving keys have been my go-to gift this year. They are designed to give and give again. Read the story on the display. So much fun to give.

8.  Pop sockets because no one can live without these gadgets. I’m on the wait list for the attachment for the car that it hangs on.

9.  Cute little hostess gift.

10.  These are essential if you have someone in your list who is on-board the sneaker trend. These pretty little socks keep them comfy while hiding in their booties or sneakers.

11. For the jet setter, beautiful luggage tags to set luggage apart and keep them in adventure mode.

12.  A candle is always a good idea. These assign a customized scent to the local cities. All smell great!

13.  I love gifts that can be used. This soap and lotion dispenser will carry someone and their guests right through the holiday season.

Stop into Henry & Pearl with your list in hand. Great gifts and they’ll even wrap them. Stress-free and fun!