WIP Wednesday – Beach Robe

I have been sewing a lot lately. It is so rewarding to start with some fabric and a couple of hours later have something fun to wear.

I thought it might be fun to share some “works in progress” with a new series, WIP Wednesday. Many of you have shared that you enjoy sewing or you want to learn, too. Feel free to share what you are working on as we go.

My main project is the Sophie Swimsuit from Closet Case Patterns. I bought the on-line course and I’m through Lesson 7. I have found it to be really good, clear instruction and I’m learning so much.

The pattern is the most complicated pattern I’ve ever sewn so I’m doing it a lesson per week and in between steps, sewing easier things. I like that instant gratification.

Currently, I just finished my first Beach Robe. I’ve had that in my head for over a year and the final product is better than I imagined. I’m so happy with it.

Also, trying out different versions of our new Wander Wrap. I’ve made a few prototypes and have hired my local sewist to make a round of them for the website.

There are a couple of things in-the-works that have dropped on the priority list because they are more Springy. I’ll pick those back up when we get closer to warmer temps. One is a skirt in a camel print that I can’t wait to wear. So stinking fun.

I also just got some pretty lawn cotton in a berry pink to make Reese a new Cover-Up. Going to try to whip that together this week now that I’ve finished my robe. The color is so great.

I try to finish projects. I usually have 2-3 things in the works, but I’m pretty good about finishing things before I start too many. My goals for the near future are to get really good at swimwear so I can have an amazing swimwear collection. Also, I plan to be living in Summer skirts in the warmer months so I need a few of those.

Follow along with my WIP Wednesday Series to see how I do.

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Beach Robe Dreams Coming True

I had this idea of a Beach Robe last time I was st the beach. I jotted it down, but other priorities kept taking the place of starting the project.

When I saw this fabric, though, it just had Beach Robe written all over it. I got it started this week and with each step I am loving it more and more. I’m planning to have this first one finished before I go to the beach. I think it is going to be so chic. I have the perfect one-piece that will go with this so nicely, too. Can’t wait to share the final product.

#1 On My 2019 (Ridiculous) Wish List

There is always some crazy expensive, unnecessary item on my fashion wish list. This year it is the craziest yet.

Yes, sneakers! I guess with my commitment to athleisure recently, it’s not a huge surprise, but these might be a bit much.

If I get a pair or two of these, I may never dress up again.

I need to set a big goal and these can be my reward for reaching it. Someone. Anyone. Help me justify a pair of these. Somethings tells me I won’t be able to stop at just one pair.

Oh wait just a minute… I have a birthday in just a few short weeks.

Losing Weight in January – Here’s How

We are losing a different kind of weight than most everyone else during the month of January. We are taking pounds of plastic out of our beautiful oceans.

Everyone who purchases a Seaside Kaftan during the month of January gets a 4Ocean Sea Turtle Bracelet. Each bracelet represents one pound of plastic to be removed from our oceans. You get a Cover-Up, we pay to get plastic removed from the ocean, you get a fun bracelet.

Lise Weight with SMIJ. Leaving the world better than we found it, together.

Adidas + Athleisure and My Whole New Level

I’ve been embracing the Athleisure category of clothing this Winter and I’m loving it. I’ve been wearing lots of Athleta and even making my own leggings to go with fun tops from Athleta and Lululemon.

I am completely on board with this new program. It fits my lifestyle 99% of the time and there are so many great options available now.

The more I wear this style, the more adventurous I’m getting, too. This could be bad. I just got these fun pants. Leggings covered in pineapples. I love the color combo and the print. And, they are only $40. Now that I can make my own leggings, I have a price cut-off where I’d go ahead and make instead of buy, but $40?! Those I’ll just buy. (Tap picture to see more.)

I have a black sweater from Athleta that I plan to wear with these.

And, check this out!

It comes in a dress! The back of this dress is so cute and almost a whole different look, too. (Tap pictures to see more.)

And the pink sneakers are a must have with it.

Now that Christmas is over I’m already starting to think about transitioning this look into Spring and making it work for a few trips I have planned. I have found a few dresses that will fit my needs and they are so fun. For starters, this track suit dress is the cutest. Going to wear fun sneakers with it for a trip South in Feb. (Tap picture to shop.)

Then, Adidas has some cute and wild dresses that are on my wish list. I love this classic Adidas look, for starters.

Then, here’s where things get a little crazy. I loooooovvvvvve this dress.

Truth is, I wouldn’t dare wear it where I might see someone I know. LOL But, out of town? Definitely! I think this one is coming on my February trip, too. I’ll post a picture of you promise not to comment what you really think. Hee Hee

5th Sundays with SMIJ

I am getting so excited for 2019. We have fun, new SMIJ coming out and big plans for you. We have always given back at SMIJ, but just recently we’ve started to formalize and plan ahead to ensure we’re making a bigger impact. You’ve probably seen our Hurricane Relief efforts with Deals or Steals lately.

In 2019, we are going to host 5th Sundays with SMIJ. I love the idea of Sunday Dinners. I do know I definitely can’t pull off a fabulous Sunday Dinner every week. But… I think I can 4 times per year! We are going to host these 4 times in 2019 (first one is March 31). The goal will be to gather, enjoy community, see friends, make new friends, introduce people and enjoy each other. This is NOT a shopping event. There will be an opportunity to contribute to the current cause, but it will be something small and optional like an inexpensive game or a t-shirt whose proceeds go to charity.

Stay tuned…

Give Good Vibes • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 61 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #40

Sprinkling joy, kindness and support around like confetti can’t be a bad thing. I was given one of these Little Word Project bracelets at a Girl Tribe event recently and it just made me happy. So…

I looked up the company to see their story after I was told to register my bracelet and then give it to someone in need as the opportunity presented itself. What a fun idea – passing along good vibes.

These little bracelets come in lots of colors with about 20 different words or phrases to choose from. The price is a great gift price point, too. These would be fun to give our daughters, nieces, teammates and anyone who loves a positive vibe. See the selection and shop here.

Give Happy Feet • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 64 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #37

I love this idea! My friend, Danielle, shared this idea after her husband got this gift. It’s a sock subscription! So clever. I think this could be a fun gift for your dads, husbands and employees. No one likes to buy socks, but adding a little fun to your feet is always fun. If you have these to your team or employees, you would add some fun for the entire year. Every time someone wears a new pair of socks, they share them and have a little joy. I think this could be a fun way to contribute to employee morale, but I’m kind of a nerd that way.

I started researching the best companies to subscribe to and came across a list on Men’s Health. I decided to start there. Well, much to my joy, one of their Top 6 is right here in Atlanta, Sock Fancy.

I like Sock Fancy because they have lots of options. You can do men’s or women’s in a variety of style choices and length and subscription choices.

And, they even have one they’ve partnered on with King of Pops. We can never pass up a KOP Cart.

Shop the options here. I just love this idea and starting at just $33 for the shortest subscription, the price point is great. You can give 1-3 pairs per month for 3-12 months. Go as crazy as you’d like.

Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Give Resort Chic • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 68 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #33

We all know that the beach is always a good idea. And, the moment Christmas is over, most of us start dreaming of our next beach trip.

Many of the things on our Gift Guide are beachy and today we’re continuing that with our very own Cover-Ups as great Christmas gifts. They are One Size Fits All (Sizes 2-12), flattering on all body types and ages, locally made and come in the best prints and colors. These will be enjoyed on the beach or lake for years to come. Shop all the colors here.

Give Friendly Competition – and Lots of Laughs • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 85 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #16

It’s been a minute or two since we’ve hosted a Game Night, but I’m currently planning one. Some of the most fun times we have with family and friends is with a wild game of Pictionary or Outburst or Taboo. We laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. Good for the soul!

Last year, I found this container of dice and I leave it on our dining room shelf. At any moment it’s ready for a good game of whatever.

This Christmas, you could give games that fit people’s personalities. There is no age limit on games so they are truly enjoyed by 2-102. You are giving them many evenings of fun and bonding by giving a good game. Even the most classic games such as Monopoly come out with updated or themed versions every year so you don’t have to worry if they already have it. It’s a gift that gives so much more. Play. Laugh. Compete. Bond.