Beach Robe Dreams Coming True

I had this idea of a Beach Robe last time I was st the beach. I jotted it down, but other priorities kept taking the place of starting the project.

When I saw this fabric, though, it just had Beach Robe written all over it. I got it started this week and with each step I am loving it more and more. I’m planning to have this first one finished before I go to the beach. I think it is going to be so chic. I have the perfect one-piece that will go with this so nicely, too. Can’t wait to share the final product.

#1 On My 2019 (Ridiculous) Wish List

There is always some crazy expensive, unnecessary item on my fashion wish list. This year it is the craziest yet.

Yes, sneakers! I guess with my commitment to athleisure recently, it’s not a huge surprise, but these might be a bit much.

If I get a pair or two of these, I may never dress up again.

I need to set a big goal and these can be my reward for reaching it. Someone. Anyone. Help me justify a pair of these. Somethings tells me I won’t be able to stop at just one pair.

Oh wait just a minute… I have a birthday in just a few short weeks.

Losing Weight in January – Here’s How

We are losing a different kind of weight than most everyone else during the month of January. We are taking pounds of plastic out of our beautiful oceans.

Everyone who purchases a Seaside Kaftan during the month of January gets a 4Ocean Sea Turtle Bracelet. Each bracelet represents one pound of plastic to be removed from our oceans. You get a Cover-Up, we pay to get plastic removed from the ocean, you get a fun bracelet.

Lise Weight with SMIJ. Leaving the world better than we found it, together.

Forced to Learn

Horrors! My fave – and super easy – app for fixing up my pictures for the Gram, etc went away. Oooohhhh nnnoooo! What do they say “necessity is the mother of invention”? I finally had to figure out presets I see so much about.

It took me most of Friday, but I downloaded two preset packs, one from Creative Market and one from Alexa Jean Fitness.

I had to put them in Lightroom in my computer and move them to my Lightroom Mobile on my phone because I do most everything from my phone. Next level pros do it on their computers always, but… not me.

I Googled how to do it which has never failed me in any category from troubleshooting my sewing machine to figuring out common core math. I tried a few things and none seemed to work. Then all of a sudden all my presets were on both my computer and phone’s Lightroom.

Really not sure how I finally got them where I needed them but 2019 is the year of precets for SMIJ. I haven’t found my signature precets yet, but I’m having fun figuring it out.

What have you been forced to learn lately?

Mondays by SMIJ • What cha Reading?

When I was a corporate girl, I used to read business books all the time.  I was pretty much clueless each time I got moved into a new role, but I was always willing to “fake it til you make it”.  Back then, it was exciting.  I would spend lots of time on airplanes and my rule was if it was during business hours, I would read a business book, if it was outside of business hours, I would read a fun book.  I read lots of books.

Flash forward 12+ years and I’ve spent more time reading GoodNight Moon and Pete the Cat.  Also fun, but I’ve been picking up business books again and I’m so inspired.  This time I’m working for myself so the stakes are much higher.  As a family, we’ve been self-employed for over 10 years now.  On some level, we feel like we’ve been flying by the seat of our pants.  When I stop and think about it, I can see where our past lives have been an amazing education on how to be an entrepreneur.

Starting in 2019, as much for ourselves and for anyone interested, we are going to do a blog series called “Mondays with SMIJ”.  We love Mondays because we love what we do.  With this blog series, we want to challenge ourselves to keep learning and trying new things and also maybe share some of the things we’ve learned over the past 10 years.  We often have an experience and then realize something we’ve already learned that we hadn’t even realized we’d learned.  Each and every experience educates us.

We are reading, listening to podcasts, applying past experiences, trying new things, meeting with fellow business people and entrepreneurs, attending seminars and workshops and sharing it all here in Mondays with SMIJ.

My first post will be about what I’m reading now. I’ll share my thoughts and get your list, too. Reading is the #1 thing I’m focused on in my business this year.

Join us if you are interested in loving Mondays.

This Time It’s For Real

So, how did you feel about your first Game Day outfit? Hopefully, since it was Labor Day Weekend, it involved a bathing suit in your team colors and a Game Day hat or Tiger scarf.

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But, if not, that’s ok. There is still time. As for many of the teams that played that first weekend, this was pretty much just warm up for the season. Now, it’s time to get serious about those Game Day looks. There are only a handful of Game Days and this beautiful season passes by way too fast. The looks run from casual to dressy, hot weather to cold weather. Such a fun time of year for outfit planning. So, get to it! 5 days until the next Game Day!

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Game Day is Here | 3 Things to Expect from SMIJ

Whether it has snuck up on you or you’ve been counting the days… it is here. Here’s what you can expect from us besides all the most fun Game Day styles.

1. YOU! We plan to share pictures of you in your game day styles. You all always inspire me with the way you style your SMIJ pieces. Send your pics so I can feature you.

2. Tailgate recipes – yours and mine. I’ll be asking you for tailgate recipes you love and I’ll be sharing some I’ve collected over the years. I’ve got some good ones and I know you do, too. I only make these during football season and, wow, do we look forward to these. My most requested are Thai Chicken Skewers and Sausage Dip. I’ve made both more times than I can count.

3. Sorry, not sorry… lots of Ace pictures. I can’t help it, he’s just so stinking cute and growing WAY too fast. Ugh!

Happy Football Season, Friends! Thank you for wearing SMIJ as you create another season of GAME DAY memories.

Add This to Any Outfit – Even Your Swimsuit

Ok, I am loving our fun little scarf. It’s called The Wanderer and it is B•A•D. Without adding any heat, you can add a pre-Fall layer and start your transition to a new season.

But first, the beach… Lots of long weekends to spend on the beach in the coming months. The Wanderer adds a fun flair to your travel day look taking it from everyday to travel-day-chic. Don’t even get me started on how fun they are with swimwear. Tie one around your hair or neck for a barely-there cover-up and your beach look is on point.

I like to enjoy every minute of Summer, but I definitely start to look forward to football, fires and pumpkin spiced lattes as August passes us by. I also get in the mood for Fall layers. These little scarves are the first layer I’m trying. I am, quite simply, loving these. We’ll have a few on the site soon. Start dreaming up all those chances to wear one.

Give Your Ordinary Tee Days a Shot of Style

How do you upstyle a basic tee or tank? I love to add a little gold like a long necklace or, my favorite, a pair of gold hoops. I also love adding a long scarf any time of year.

A quick little tie around the neck or around a pony tail or top knot or even tied to the handle of a bag takes your ordinary tee day to anything but basic. With the scarf option the possibilities are endless – pattern on pattern, monochrome, pops of color, themes (Game days, etc). You could wear the same jeans and tee everyday and change out the scarf for a whole new look each day.

Speaking of these super chic little scarves, we will have them available this September. I need help deciding what to call them, though. I was thinking Everyday Scarf, but I’m not loving that. Comment with your idea. If your name wins, you’ll get a complimentary scarf as soon as they are finished. Help!

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The Sweatshirt that’s Going to Change Your Life

So, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there are moments when a perfect sweatshirt comes along and you know your Fall is going to be just that much better. This is one of those moments.

This sweatshirt, y’all. It’s so pretty. It has just the perfect amount of off-white to give it an old school vintage feel. It looks great with denim or camo. The unisex fit is perfection. It’s light-medium weight. Football weekends are looking very stylish this year. I’ll get this posted this week. I don’t have many so let me know if you want one and I’ll set it aside. S, M, L available; unisex sizing.