Fashion Blogger Find: Great Early Fall Dress(es)

I like to follow fashion bloggers. Some I follow are very similar to my style and some are quite different. By seeing the way they put outfits together I discover great brands that fit my style and get challenged to move outside my comfort zone now and then. One of the fashion influencers I follow is Loverly Gray. She is super cute, local and humble and helpful in her InstaStories and posts. She posted this dress a few weeks ago and I just loved it for several reasons. It comes in several colors, it’s a great price point, its embroidery detail is on-trend and it’s a nice transition weight and style. I wore it yesterday for church and brunch and it handled an early Fall Sunday that was in the hot mid-80s like a champ. Check out her fashion blog for all the details on this dress. 

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Game Day Bling

Some games, especially those Saturday night games, it’s fun to dress up your Game Day.  One way to do this is to bling up a fun graphic tee.  I like to add a skirt, a comfortable pair of wedges and fun jewelry.  Pile on the bling for a fun way to add your team colors or make your tee pop.  Below are over 40 great pieces I found that could work for your team!  Click on any picture to see the entire list.  Happy Weekend, Y’all!

Aprons by SMIJ

We are one huge step closer to our SMIJ Apron Launch (See our recent post: Share a Meal, Share your Life). We have our first pattern and Apron and we are ready for our first run. I’m picking fabrics now. I’d love to have these ready for Fall gatherings and, definitely, for your holiday parties. Stay tuned… And, feel free to share your thoughts!

Hike the Hooch: Cochran Shoals Park – Runner’s Delight

If you’re following along, you may know that we are trying to visit the top 10 or so most popular hiking trails along the Chattahoochee River. I’ve done a lot of hiking and visited many, many state parks and, somehow, have hardly spent any time enjoying this river. I think it’s because when I’m wanting to hike it’s because I’m in the mood to head out of town. These Hooch hikes are so convenient, though. They feel like a mini vacation. This was our second hike in this series. Overall, we all agree Island Ford was a much more fun and scenic family hike, but this one is an awesome running trail. There are times when it’s hard to see or hear the river, but it’s a wide, gravel trail for running, biking, dog-walking and strolling. It’s flat and straight and I’m dying to run it! So, as a family, we will probably choose a different trail, but if you’re needing a great place to run, this is definitely wotmrth a short drive. 

Follow along as we Hike the Hooch this Fall! 

{Wearing Lucky Brand Cut-Offs | SMIJ Sweatshirt available at Henry & Pearl | New Balance Sneakers}

Game Day – 3 OOTD Ideas for These Warmer Temps

OK, we all knew it would happen. It’s gotten warm again. But, there is that Fall element where the nights cool off a bit more than they did a few weeks ago. The evening cool down is a nice treat after a day in the mid-80s, but now we’re also changing clothes multiple times per day. Cold, then hot, then cold again. Layering is my choice! What if you’re heading to Athens for the day?  Here are my three ideas:

1. I suggest short sleeve “Game Day” with a cute camo shirt layered on top. You can shed the layer if you get hot, but look Game Day chic through all the weather changes. 

2. Or, a casual red or black dress topped with a “Game Day” hat and a cute denim jacket, preferably with some patches. Retro sneakers finish that outfit for an on-trend Game Day OOTD. 

3. Lastly, you could do denim cut-offs with a SMIJ thermal and red or black sneakers (opposite color of your thermal). I love long sleeves and shorts when the weather is bouncing between the 70s and 80s. 

Share your ideas and pictures with me, too. We’ve got lots of Game Days to style still! 

Shop the below looks at Henry & Pearl in Milton or Serendipity in Roswell. Hats also available st Mason Dixon’s in Marietta. 

Friday Faves: All My Faves in One Outfit

Some days I wear all my favorites at once and it makes me so very happy. 

“Game Day” Hat is SMIJ by Jill – Get it at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA, Serendipity in Historic Roswell or Mason Dixon’s in Marietta. 

Camo Dress is my current favorite tee dress and it’s linked HERE. This dress comes in other prints, too.

Sunglasses are Ray-Ban from Henry & Pearl. They will special order them if they don’t have them, BTW. 

Necklace and earrings are local brand, InspireDesigns.

Denim shirt is so old from American Eagle. Just love the cut. J. Crew has a nice one out now HERE

It Is All About the Sleeves This Fall

Bell, Fluted, Lace, Lace-Up, Tiered, Ruffled, Bowed, Layered, Eyelet, Tipped, Split and Tied are just a few of the sleeve-styles I’m loving for Fall.  I love how designers are taking traditional styles and giving them some interest, an edge or a feminine touch.  I’ve linked up to about 20 from Nordstrom that are so pretty and would work with denim or skirts.  I’m going to play around with styling a few in the coming weeks and we’ll see what I come up with. One thing is for sure, no boring sleeves go this season.

Box Tops & Louboutins: Stylish Moms

As a mom, there have been plenty of days that I’ve not made it to the shower before dinner time and that just has to be OK.  Also, there are days a workout is more important that looking stylish so I throw on workout clothes and get that done when I can sneak it in and that is as far as I get.  But, when I do decide to pull myself together which IS happening more often as my kids get older, I’ve figured out a few tricks.  Some of these tricks I’ve learned from other stylish moms and some I’ve learned from experience.  Here are a few I’ve gathered along the way.

First of all, it doesn’t have to happen every day.  Some days are just laundry, working out, cleaning and catching up and you should be just dressed for that.  I love these productive days.  Now, when all that is done, here are some go-to style tactics I’ve learned from stylish moms.

  1.  Shirtdresses are great one-stop-shopping pieces.  A cute shirtdress is easy to grab, add a pair of earrings and cute sandals and you look very put together with very little effort.  And, you can have as many shirtdresses as you want.  Lots of great brands make them and they seemingly never go out of style. You can do boots, sandals or wedges and change the look of them as you wish.
  2. A great pair of wedges.  I love Antelope and Marc Fisher currently.  Put these on with a t-shirt dress, jeans or even shorts and take a casual outfit up a notch immediately.
  3. Go-to brands or stores.  I have a few go-to stores where I know I can always find something stylish, age appropriate and fits that work for me.  I was happy to put in the hours of shopping to find my faves.  My go-to stores year after year are J. Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Madewell and Neiman Marcus (denim).
  4. Accessorize.  Grab a Kendra Scott set or something else that can go with lots of things and you can just throw on to finish a look.  If you have jeans and a tee, but throw on a long necklace and a pair of hoops, the outfit goes from plain to stylish in 2 seconds.
  5. Lipstick.  A great neutral color that looks good on you.  Any make-up counter can help with this.  Put this on with a little mascara and…. stylish!
  6. Find a great stylist.  If you want to shop at higher-end department stores, I recommend going in on a weekday morning right when they open.  You get amazing service and can try on lots of things.  They are very happy to help with size, accessories, etc.  If you enjoy shopping local, find a store near you that carries great brands.  These stores are so great with personal styling.  Henry & Pearl right here in Milton, GA will work with you to get a few great, classic, stylish outfits for the season.
  7. Shop with a stylish, honest friend.  I love to shop with my friends.  We are honest with each other and hold each other to the 3-second test.  That means that you need to love it the moment you put it on.  If you say anything like, “it’s just a little long” or “I’m not sure about…” or anything like these, don’t even bother with it.  You must love it or you won’t wear it.

Please share your tips with me, too.   


Me waiting outside a fitting room while a friends tries on jeans. Love helping friends!


Find the Perfect Dress for ANY Occasion – Parent’s Weekend, Weddings, Fall Brunch

I love dresses!  The options are endless and they can work for all kinds of events and moods from casual to runways.  Not that I spend much time on runways…  Where do you go to find dresses?  I have a spot that is NO FAIL for any occasion.  The one I’m wearing is from a couple of years ago.  For now, I linked to only the ones that passed my 3-second test below and there were 44!  My go-to for dress shopping is Anthropologie.  They always have an amazing selection of dresses.  If you have a Parent’s Weekend, a wedding or really a n y other event coming up, you will not go wrong browsing Anthropologie.  Below are my current faves they have in stock.  Click on any dress to see more.

Going To Be Needing This in Every Color: Cozy Cardi Perfection

The search for the perfect cardigan is an on-going journey in my life.  I just love cardigans!  They are a perfect layering piece and are just so cozy.  The options are endless and the next one is often more perfect than the last.  I do have a couple of favorites in my closet that I have been wearing for years and they are still the ones to beat.  The camel cashmere one I’m wearing below is one of those.  I got it years ago in Buckhead and paid a little more than I would normally pay for a cardi, but the color, cut and style were all passing my 3-second test.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve worn this sweater, I could have paid for it 10 times over.  I still wear it every season and it even has a couple of holes.  This year I’m going to find someone to repair those because I have no plans to retire this sweater any time soon.

But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more new favorites.  I found this one in Free People this week.  It was way cuter on that I was able to capture in this picture.  I haven’t mastered the dressing room mirror selfie yet.  Just trust me.  It is so cute on.  I’m wearing a medium for reference sake.  It is an oversized cardigan that is super soft and really cozy.  It comes in at least 3 colors, including this soft gray.  It hits well below the hips so it would be great over skinnies, cropped boot cuts and short dresses and cut-offs.  It would be so cute over game day tees and even over bathing suits for winter afternoons at the beach.  Grab the sneakers we talked about a few posts ago, some cropped boot cut jeans, a SMIJ tee and hat and your weekend OOTD is casual chic.  Weekend in view….

{See the Weekend Getaway Cardi HERE.}