It is Time to Get Game Day Serious

The weather is cooperating just in time for a big football weekend and it is time to get serious, y’all. Grab your Game Day outfits, plan your menu and gather your friends.  It’s almost Saturday in the South.  My plan for the weekend is firepit, TV outside and Carnitas for all.  This Carnita recipe is so citrusy and zesty.  Email me if you want something to add to your Game Day recipe box!  Also, I love new recipe ideas so send me your faves, too.  My Game Day outfit will definitely include a SMIJ thermal and “Game Day” hat.  I just re-stocked SMIJ “Game Day” hats at Henry & Pearl (Milton) and Serendipity (Historic Roswell) and both also have thermals.  I think short sleeve choices are mostly sold out, but they may have a couple sizes left.  I think Henry & Pearl has a couple of camo options left, too.  I sold mine right off my back (good problem!) so I don’t have camo or I’d definitely be wearing that this weekend.  I’m actually going to do one re-stock on camo this month so stay tuned.  Anyway, get serious! It’s Friday and you should be wearing your colors right now.  Shop my local shops and get Game Day ready with me.  Thanks for wearing SMIJ!!!

Hike the Hooch: First Stop, Island Ford

{SMIJ by Jill “Game Day” hats and football thermal available at Henry & Pearl}

We love to hike and part of the fun is heading out of town an hour or more to find great spots to explore.  Let me clarify “we love”.  It’s always me coming up with the idea and “breaking the news” to the rest of the family.  Pat is usually pretty quick to jump on board.  I think he has already prepared himself for what he knows is coming as soon as the weather starts getting nice.  The kids want to know “how long of a drive is it?”, “can we bring our iPads, iPhones, etc?”, “What time will we be back?”, “What about my friends?”.  They give in pretty easily because they know I won’t give up!  And, let me tell you, without fail, 100% of the time, the one who complains the most about going is the one who never wants to leave.  Just sayin… Sometimes mom does know best.  And, we are all just different people after a few hours in nature.  There is just nothing like getting that fresh Georgia air into every last cell in your body.

So, while it’s fun to explore the endless options to hike around Georgia, sometimes you just don’t have that much time.  For those days, we have so many great options right in town.  I thought this Fall it would be fun to explore some favorites around the Chattahoochee.  Please share your experiences, too.  We are always looking for new places to explore.

First stop, Island Ford in Sandy Springs.  This park is right off Exit 6 in Dunwoody.  Very easy to get to, lots of parking and well-managed and staffed.  It is open every day except Christmas!  There is even a nice visitor’s center with clean restrooms and a park attendant to answer questions.  For your little – or big – scientists, they have a cool microscope display where the kids can get up close and personal with things they see in Georgia.

We started with this hike because it is very easy.  It is short and flat with breathtaking views of the river.  You can even take your shoes off and wade into the cool water in some kid-friendly spots.  We wish we would have brought a little snack because we wanted to enjoy a picnic on one of the rocks sticking out into the river – and because no one wanted to leave.  Remember that “mom knows best” thing…. The kids want to come back next weekend with bathing suits and a picnic.

The trail is fully shaded the entire way, but you can easily step off the trail at many spots to get close to the river and enjoy the sun.  I do recommend bug spray although we didn’t get bit, it seemed like a good thing to have along.  There are also two huge rock formations along the trail that kids can explore.  Great picture spots, too!  People were fishing, rafting, kayaking and enjoying this river.  We had a blast and we were back home right after lunch time with our lungs full of fresh air, our minds calm and plans for our next Chattahoochee adventure.  Stay tuned…

Dusters: Great Transition Pieces – Especially in THIS Color

When it comes to great seasonal transition fashion items, not much beats a long cardigan, duster or kimono.  I, especially love them in stand out colors like this gorgeous mustard shown here.  There are 5 reasons I love these for transitional months like September.
First of all, they are flattering on pretty much all body types.  They are slimming and elongate the entire look.
Secondly, they are a great layer that can easily be removed if afternoon temps creep up as they often do in the Fall.
Third, there are just days (everyday) where some of us like to have our booties covered.  I mean, picking up kids, groceries and all the maneuverings of motherhood requires lots of bending and twisting and I personally don’t like to worry about what is or is not showing.  So, there’s that.
Then, they go over everything!  They look cute over everything from cut-off jeans shorts for a weekday of errands to a shift dress for a Sunday brunch.
Lastly, there are lots of choices and they have been in style for a few years and don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon.  With this in mind, you can invest with confidence.  Since these have been around for awhile, one way to update your collection is to grab one in an on-trend fabric like velvet or velour.  Happy September, Pretties!

Kick Up Your Game Day Style

I am a big fan of this on-going sneaker trend and it is especially perfect for Game Days.  Of course, it is fun to dress up for some game days, but, in my world, there are many more chances for a casual, t-shirt & jeans kinda, game day.  The endless options for comfy and cute shoe choices are perfect game day choices.  You can be comfortable, look chic, wear your colors and not break the bank.  All good!  I found a great variety of styles and colors to link up to below.  One thing they are have in common is that they are on-point.  Grab a pair for each weekend!  Click on any picture to see the details.   (All t-shirts shown are SMIJ by Jill and most are available at Henry & Pearl.)

Thanks, Northside Woman! 

I had a blast meeting the Northside Woman team for this article. I love this community! Here is the article: SMIJ Article
Look for it on newsstands around the Northside. Thx, Northside Woman!!! 

There is No Place Camo is Not Welcome this Fall + 3 Ways to Wear Camo

If you have followed SMIJ for even 5 minutes, you know I  L O V E  C A M O!  I don’t know why, but I jumped on this trend early and have been fully committed to it ever since.  The trend seems to just be gaining steam after a few years and that makes me very happy.  Pretty much every year we introduce a new camo SMIJ tee, too.  I am very excited about this year’s “Tailgate Y’all” which will be available for the first time this Friday at Henry & Pearl.  Camo is showing up in workout gear, bathing suits, tees, coats, shoes, bags and the list goes on.  My personal favorite camo pieces are jackets, jeans or tees.  If you are just getting on board the camo trend, you may wonder how to wear it.  Here are a few of my ideas.

  1.  Keep is casual and use camo as a neutral.  Instead of jeans or khakis, throw on a pair of camo skinnies and top them with a graphic tee and wear booties or sneakers.
  2. Camo dresses are a personal fave.  I love to toss a little gold or chunky necklace over a camo tee dress.  I keep it simple with a neutral wedge or a retro sneaker.
  3. Don’t wear two camo pieces at once.  I probably don’t need to say this, but… just in case you were wondering.  Unless you are actually going hunting, one camo piece per outfit is perfect.

OK, time to have some fun!  Below are 46+ camo pieces currently available.  There will be something you love.  I’ve included some high-end designers’ takes on camo, too.  Click on any link to get more details or shop the pieces.  Have fun and join me in my camo obsession.

Transition to Fall in Style with Henry & Pearl

I popped into Henry & Pearl this past weekend and fell in love with the early Fall styles I saw. I left with the cutest pair of camo pants that I’ll share soon. I plan to wear them to our Tailgate Trunk Show on Friday and I’ll try to get a few pictures then. The weather even seems to be cooperating with our desire to wear these new styles so there is really nothing stopping us now. Here are a few SMIJ Picks from my Saturday of shopping.
First of all, this dress is lightweight, but has a Fall print and the sleeve length is as in between as the seasons. A great transition choice.

Then, I love blue year round and this dress with the pops of orange and the longer sleeve length gives off s nice Fall vibe, but won’t make you hot. You can transition it nicely with OTK boots and a fun vest as the weather cools, too.

Orange is my absolute favorite late Summer/early Fall color and this on-trend jumper look hits the mark for Fall 2017 perfectly.

And, for true comfort in a great color, you can’t go wrong with True Grit. This looks so cozy and the color is so creamy and nice. This one is a must-have for me.

And, of course, the Z Supply rack is loaded with great Fall choices to keep you cozy every day.

If you are like me, this weather and upcoming football weekends, festivals and other Fall fun get you in the shopping mood. H&P will not disappoint.

Share a Meal, Share Your Life

You may have seen that SMIJ is introducing aprons to our line of SMIJ Tees, Resort Cover-Ups and Beach Shorts.  Why aprons?  First of all, I love them and I love fabric and the two just go together so nicely.

But, there is a deeper reason, I guess.  I feel like the things we create support the life we love.  Football games, family beach time, our local communities and each other.  We create things that connect people.   Our zip code tees are a huge example of that.  I have the most fun with the conversations my zip code tees start when I’m in the zip code and when I’m not.  They always connect me.  I wore a 32459 zip code tee in Seaside, FL and 8 people stopped to talk with me about my tee which led into conversations about the area and we connected over a love for 30a.  I also learned about restaurants and artists and places that they love.  So, I made some connections and learned about places I could enjoy with my family.  This is just a recent experience, but it happens all the time.

So, back to the aprons.  After the summer is over, I am missing my community and friends.  We’ve all been all over the place in the summer and once we’re all back home I get excited to see them at tennis, football games and out and about.  It also makes me start thinking about sharing meals with them.  I show my love for people by cooking for them and that means… apron time!  Since I love fashion, I believe I should have cute aprons that are actually an outfit or at least not something that takes away from your outfit.  So, on a very shallow level, these aprons are a fun way to look cute while preparing a meal.  They also create an outfit change during your get-together like you’re hosting the CMAs for something.  I mean, two outfits in one night?!?!  That’s good stuff.

Seriously, though… on a deeper level, they represent connecting.  There’s a lot going on in this crazy world and we gotta stick together.  Sharing an evening and a meal is one of the great joys in life. I love doing it.  These aprons celebrate this fellowship and I’m so excited to bring them to my community.  I hope you’ll create a lot of memories, strengthen friendships and cling more tightly to each other while wearing a SMIJ apron this Fall.

SMIJ Favorite Brand – Rails

Sometimes I browse by store and often by brand.  I have a few brands that I think consistently come out with great styles and it’s fun to see what they come up with season after season.  Rails is one of those brands.  Lately, I’ve been seeing this brand pop up in some of my favorite stores, too.  Anthropologie, Free People and South Moon Under to name a few.  I was shopping with a friend the other day when she got this circled one:


It looks great on her!  She did it over a tank, wearing it like a jacket, with cropped boot cut jeans.  Great look.  Browse the latest Rails below.  I’ve pulled together my favorites from their current line.

Embroidered Fall

Tap on the SHOP SALE above and the things I’m blogging about that are on sale will be all in one place.  Don’t you just love technology?!

Back to the subject at hand – Embroidery and Fall.

There are a lot of details this Fall, giving our old standards a little bit of a 2017 moment.  Released hem, uneven or really frayed jeans.  Sleeves come in all shapes and sizes from ruffles to bells to more ruffles. And, now, it seems everyone is adding some embroidery to EVERYTHING.  Jackets, jeans, dresses, kimonos and so on.  I’ve linked some of my favorite brands and designers below so you can shop how they are doing this trend.  I’m really loving everything from Rails and Free People especially.  Also, I’ve linked high-end brands to less expensive.  This may not want to be a trend that you make a major investment into, but you can still have a little fun this year. Grab a cup of coffee and click away. (see below)