SMIJ Aprons

You may have seen that SMIJ is introducing aprons to our line of SMIJ Tees, Resort Cover-Ups and Beach Shorts.  Why aprons?  First of all, I love them and I love fabric and the two just go together so nicely.

But, there is a deeper reason, I guess.  I feel like the things we create support the life we love.  Football games, family beach time, our local communities and each other.  We create things that connect people.   Our zip code tees are a huge example of that.  I have the most fun with the conversations my zip code tees start when I’m in the zip code and when I’m not.  They always connect me.  I wore a 32459 zip code tee in Seaside, FL and 8 people stopped to talk with me about my tee which led into conversations about the area and we connected over a love for 30a.  I also learned about restaurants and artists and places that they love.  So, I made some connections and learned about places I could enjoy with my family.  This is just a recent experience, but it happens all the time.

So, back to the aprons.  After the summer is over, I am missing my community and friends.  We’ve all been all over the place in the summer and once we’re all back home I get excited to see them at tennis, football games and out and about.  It also makes me start thinking about sharing meals with them.  I show my love for people by cooking for them and that means… apron time!  Since I love fashion, I believe I should have cute aprons that are actually an outfit or at least not something that takes away from your outfit.  So, on a very shallow level, these aprons are a fun way to look cute while preparing a meal.  They also create an outfit change during your get-together like you’re hosting the CMAs for something.  I mean, two outfits in one night?!?!  That’s good stuff.

Seriously, though… on a deeper level, they represent connecting.  There’s a lot going on in this crazy world and we gotta stick together.  Sharing an evening and a meal is one of the great joys in life. I love doing it.  These aprons celebrate this fellowship and I’m so excited to bring them to my community.  I hope you’ll create a lot of memories, strengthen friendships and cling more tightly to each other while wearing a SMIJ apron this Fall.