From Jetsetters to Home Bodies, Henry & Pearl Has Your List Covered

Thanks to Henry & Pearl’s amazing selection of gifts I was able to get quite a few presents purchased already. Not only that, I found gifts I’m so happy to give. Each gift passed my 3-second-test, which is simply that I must love something 100% within the first 3 seconds or I don’t buy it.

I found things for my jet setters, tech buffs, Christmas fanatics, fitness addicts, interior decorators, fashionistas, Milton lovers, hoop girls and hostesses. And, each item is under $50, some way under $50.

I’m including a Sneak Peek below. This is only a sample of the gifts available in the shop.

1. Everyone needs a Yeti drink holder. I use mine at Tennis, in the car, at the beach, literally everywhere. Now, they come in all sizes and price points.

2. If you have a hoop girl in your life, know that we can always use a new pair. If they are like me, they are always losing one – or just always want shiny new ones.

3.  These zip code hats come in 2 styles and many colors. They also have “USA” or “Cambridge” and “Milton” choices. These hats are designed so you’ll buy one for you and a friend.

4. The most fun needlepoint keychains for Home, lake houses, beach houses, play cars and keeps. You won’t be able to get just one!

5.  Key chains for the southern girl.

6.  Trim the tree in needlepoint style.

7.  Giving keys have been my go-to gift this year. They are designed to give and give again. Read the story on the display. So much fun to give.

8.  Pop sockets because no one can live without these gadgets. I’m on the wait list for the attachment for the car that it hangs on.

9.  Cute little hostess gift.

10.  These are essential if you have someone in your list who is on-board the sneaker trend. These pretty little socks keep them comfy while hiding in their booties or sneakers.

11. For the jet setter, beautiful luggage tags to set luggage apart and keep them in adventure mode.

12.  A candle is always a good idea. These assign a customized scent to the local cities. All smell great!

13.  I love gifts that can be used. This soap and lotion dispenser will carry someone and their guests right through the holiday season.

Stop into Henry & Pearl with your list in hand. Great gifts and they’ll even wrap them. Stress-free and fun!

J.Crew is Killing It in the Summer Dress Department

Every time I pass a J. Crew store window, which is more often than I realized, I see my new favorite dress.  They are killing it in the summer dress department.  Every one of these I’m highlighting would be perfect for Sunday brunch, a summer wedding or a summer date night.  And, a few of them are even on sale… Click on each dress below to shop it.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #25 • Travel Light with Summer Dresses

I love summer dresses for traveling.  You can always layer on top for chilly evenings or over-air-conditioned airports while keeping things simple, but chic.  A summer dress needs only a few little accessories and cute sandals and you’re all set.  No pants, belts, matching tops, etc eliminating half your packing list.  I usually bring one pair of white jeans and a cute top, but the rest is just summer dresses.  They make road trips potty breaks easier, too.  Just sayin’….

Here are some current faves that would be perfect for any summer trip.  I curated a list with some variety so you could have different looks that could take you from a travel day to a nice dinner.  There are only a million great dresses out there so I narrowed it down to some of my favorite dress retailers.  Happy Trails!


50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #24 • If it Shimmers, Flows or Bronzes, it’s in the Bag

I love summer!  Sunkissed is how I prefer life so #24 on our list of 50 Elements of SMIJ Style should maybe be #1.  If it shimmers, flows or bronzes, it’s hard to pass up during the summer months.  I have the Tom Ford shimmering oil which has just been re-stocked at Nordstrom (grab one if you want it because it sells out fast!).  It’s beautiful and smells heavenly.  I love a good bronzer for summer make-up which for me pretty much is limited to waterproof mascara and a couple of swipes of bronzer.  I’m crazy about keeping my face out of the sun so bronzer is a must and I love lots of the Bobbi Brown options (linked below).  Summer beauty must haves include mascara, bronzer and shimmering oil.  Done, done and done!  Shop the list by clicking on any of the pictures below.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #22 • Old Lady Chic

I saw that BaubleBar was promoting brooches and I was immediately reminded of my grandmother.  She always had a brooch or pin on and my grandfather loved to buy them for her.  I can’t even begin to know how many sparkly Christmas pins she must have collected over the years!  Her pins were always so happy and fun and I loved them.  I know, based on many of my style and home decor choices, that I have a little old lady inside of me that peaks out occasionally and this brooch trend is one of those moments.  Loving my cute pins and happy they are having a moment.  I’ve linked to my exact brooches below along with lots of other fun choices, mostly affordable.  Of course, had to throw in a Cartier just for fun, too.  Also, my G necklace here and what’s in my Sephora bag here.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #17 • Be a Head Case

Head bands and scarves are a cute way to say “summer hair, don’t care”.  I often go to my trusty top knot or pulled back low pony tail, but sometimes I like to make my not trying look a little more like I tried.  That’s where headscarves and bands come in.  This one I got at the beach, which is the perfect place to wear these, but there are many choices around town now, too.  See my current faves below.  They look cute with summer dresses, shorts and tees or bathing suits.  Reese looked at me on this day and said with her face all twisted up, “What’s that on your head?”  She immediately stole it for herself.  So, I’ll have to get two of whichever I want, I realize.  Good thing, there are a lot of inexpensive choices around, too.


50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #23 • Flamingos Go with Summer

My favorite form of pink in the summer is… FLAMINGO!  I love this little crossbody flamingo bag from Francesca’s. It came in other fun summer things like anchors and watermelon slices, too.  We even have a SMIJ by Jill Flamingo Cover-Up.  I love it over a black bathing suit on a hot July day at the beach. Flamingos and summer just go together and they are a SMIJ style must for every summer.  I pulled a list of lots of fun flamingo options below.  Click away!

SMIJ by Jill flamingos

Zoo ATLANTA flamingos

Eric Carle flamingos

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #21 • Add Some Interest with Flip-Flops

Put the finishing touch on a summer tee dress with a cute, wild pair of flip flops.  My two go-to brands for beach and pool are Tory Burch and Havaianas.  They are waterproof, comfortable, fun and really liven up any beachy outfit.  Above I mixed prints which is so scary, but I think I nailed it… if I do say so myself.  I will be wearing the heck out of these wedge flip-flops this summer.  Green is a favorite color, these go with black and white nicely and the wedge gives some comfort and flatters the leg.  Sold!

I’ve gathered some great choices below.  Hope you find your new favorite!

You can either click on the picture for the details or I’ve also included links to each below.  

Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $35
Tory Burch Thandie Wedge Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $65
Tory Burch Wedge Thin Flip Flop • Tory Burch • $65
Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
TORY BURCH PVC thin flip-flops • Tory Burch • $60
Tory Burch Printed Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $75
Tory Burch Thandie Printed Wedge Flip-Flop Sandal, White/Ellora • Tory Burch • $48
Tory Burch Wilhelm Wedge Flip-Flop Sandal, Fiesta/Ivory • Tory Burch • $75
Tory Burch Thin Leaf-Print Flip-Flop Sandal, Black/Pas du Tout • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Flip Flop • Tory Burch • $65
Tory Burch Wilhelm Wedge Flip-Flop Sandal, Poppy Red/Ivory/Royal Tan • Tory Burch • $55
Tory Burch Thin Rubber Flip Flop Sandal, Ivory • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Thin Geometric-Print Flip-Flop Sandal, Poppy Red/Sarno • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Printed Rubber Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Printed Rubber Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Thandie Wedge Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $45.50
Tory Burch Thin Printed Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $35
Charlotte Olympia Charlottes Web Havaianas Flip Flops • Charlotte Olympia • $115
Havaianas High Fashion Wedge Flip Flops • Havaianas • $38
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Havaianas Flip Flops • Charlotte Olympia • $65
Kate Spade New York Just Married Flip Flops • Kate Spade • $58
MM6 Printed Flip Flops • Maison Margiela • $240
TKEES Solid Flip Flops • TKEES • $50
Tommy Bahama ‘Whykiki’ Flip Flop (Women) • Tommy Bahama • $27.95
kate spade new york ‘nassau’ flip flop (Women) • Kate Spade • $48
Havaianas ‘Slim’ Logo Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $26
Havaianas ‘Slim Animal Print’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $28
Havaianas Slim Tie Dye Flip Flops • Havaianas • $30
Charlotte Olympia Bruce Havaianas Flip Flops • Charlotte Olympia • $50
Havaianas ‘Slim Liberty Lioncera’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $42
Ipanema ‘Naja’ Flip Flop (Women) • Ipanema • $23.95
Havaianas ‘Slim’ Logo Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $26
Havaianas ‘Slim Royal’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $32
Teva ‘Deckers’ Flip Flop (Women) • Teva • $31.95
Havaianas ‘Slim’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $30
Havaianas Slim Retro Flip Flops • Havaianas • $28
Havaianas Slim Paisage Flip Flops • Havaianas • $34
Havaianas Slim Princess Flip Flops • Havaianas • $30
Havaianas x Charlotte Olympia ‘Bruce’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $55

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • # 20 • Own a Favorite Pair of Neutral Wedges

One thing I’ve come to value is a great, comfortable pair of neutral wedges.  These and a pair of flip-flops and you could get away with packing only two pairs of shoes for a vacation (but, who would really do that?!).  My point is that they go with everything – even a black dress.  I love the way they look with anything, anytime.  Get a pair with a good platform for comfort in a color that flatters you own skin tone and you are set for summer with dresses, cropped jeans, boot cut jeans – really, any jeans! – shorts or caftans.

Below, I’ve linked below to a few of my favorites from my two go-to shoe designers.  Enjoy the hunt! 

Click on a shoe for all the details and shoppable links should you choose to buy.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #16 • Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend

I love to change out my jewelry A LOT.  I love costume jewelry because it’s too hard to commit to the real thing.  Therefore, I have fun with cubic zirconia and crystals to name a couple.  Nadri has a great selection of costume jewelry for going bold or delicate in gold or silver.  They have been around forever and will even replace stones if you lose any.  I’m currently loving the “wedding sets”.  I asked the girl at Nordstrom how people are wearing those and she said they often leave their real diamonds home and take fakes for vacation.  I love my original wedding set and have no desire to change it.  I do, however, like the idea of playing around with some variety for a trip or two.  Stay tuned… I’ll be rocking some ridiculous left hand bling on some coming trips just for fun.  Below are some current faves.  Click on the picture to shop FAKES.