Carried Away, but Smell Great

I can admit it… I am totally obsessed with Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soaps and Room Fresheners.  I love my house, but since it holds two kids, a very large, old, shedding Lab and I’m always cooking with garlic I’m afraid that I could be “noseblind”.  Not to mention, my old outdoor cat who seems to have stopped supplementing his diet with regular hunts, has recently been enjoying a diet of canned cat food which really STINKS even though I put the cans in plastic bags in the outside trash.  He’s happy in his old age, but WOW… the smell…  I’ve even asked some visitors lately if my house smells bad and begged them to be honest. I think they were, but I’m not taking any chances.  And, what a good excuse to try all the Mrs. Meyer’s Scents – and they make cute addtions to my home decor, too.  I’m currently loving Honeysuckle for downstairs.

{Click on the pictures below for details on scents and where to buy or order on-line using links.}

Dinner Party Wardrobe Changes

Ok, maybe changing for every course could be a bit obnoxious, but… I’ve got the answer.  Aprons are the answer!  I love my Anthropologie apron.  It’s actually very useful to keep my clothes from getting stained during meal prep AND it’s so cute, it’s like an outfit by itself.  So, grab an apron and you can actually wear a second outfit for dinner parties.  Hee Hee!  OK, still obnoxious, but at least, justifiable.  Click on any picture below to shop the apron.

Shop the Summer Looks

Summer looks are all updated! Click HERE to shop all these fun summer looks while it’s still HOT, HOT, HOT. Car reading 97 degrees right now! 

Favorite Summer Mani/Pedi Colors


I have two go-to summer colors for manis and pedis. I had forgotten about them until I was getting ready for the beach. Here they are: Manicures – Topless & Barefoot and Pedicures – Private Weekend.  Both look great with all your Summer OOTDs and with a tan. Happy Summer!

“Mommy, Are You a Pirate?” – One Scarf, Four Ways

I have always loved head scarfs.

In pre-kids days, I’d often drive my VW convertible with a bandana around my hair to keep it out of my face.  These days I go for hats because I’m avoiding sun on my face, but I still love head scarves at the beach and for hiking.  The day I was shooting this post, Reese, asked me if I was a pirate.  Ha!  Not the look I was going for, but I didn’t let that stop me.

Currently, I’m driving a mom-mobile, but someday I’ll be back in that convertible – or Jeep – headscarf back on.  And, no hurry on that, BTW.  I’ll take little voices, even the fighting, for as long as I can hear that.  For now, these bandanas are great for the beach and bad hair days.  I love that bandanas are having a moment and I’m sharing four way to wear them now (see picture above).  I got mine at Nordstom, but you can find them almost anywhere – even in your kids’ dress up bin, I’m sure.  Share with me how you’ll style yours so I can add to the list of options.  Ay Matey!

Shimmering Layers

Sticking with the sunkissed and shimmering theme this week…

Loving this new Anthropologie shimmering kimono for summer.  If I had a tan, it would be a great way to highlight the sunkissed look.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy the shimmer in this cute kimono.  It has silver and gold thread in it which makes it look perfect with mixed metal accessories.  Shop my exact kimono by clicking the picture.


My choices for kimonos and mixed metals below, too.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #24 • If it Shimmers, Flows or Bronzes, it’s in the Bag

I love summer!  Sunkissed is how I prefer life so #24 on our list of 50 Elements of SMIJ Style should maybe be #1.  If it shimmers, flows or bronzes, it’s hard to pass up during the summer months.  I have the Tom Ford shimmering oil which has just been re-stocked at Nordstrom (grab one if you want it because it sells out fast!).  It’s beautiful and smells heavenly.  I love a good bronzer for summer make-up which for me pretty much is limited to waterproof mascara and a couple of swipes of bronzer.  I’m crazy about keeping my face out of the sun so bronzer is a must and I love lots of the Bobbi Brown options (linked below).  Summer beauty must haves include mascara, bronzer and shimmering oil.  Done, done and done!  Shop the list by clicking on any of the pictures below.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #22 • Old Lady Chic

I saw that BaubleBar was promoting brooches and I was immediately reminded of my grandmother.  She always had a brooch or pin on and my grandfather loved to buy them for her.  I can’t even begin to know how many sparkly Christmas pins she must have collected over the years!  Her pins were always so happy and fun and I loved them.  I know, based on many of my style and home decor choices, that I have a little old lady inside of me that peaks out occasionally and this brooch trend is one of those moments.  Loving my cute pins and happy they are having a moment.  I’ve linked to my exact brooches below along with lots of other fun choices, mostly affordable.  Of course, had to throw in a Cartier just for fun, too.  Also, my G necklace here and what’s in my Sephora bag here.

Atlanta, Have I Told You Lately How Much I Love You?

Maybe a little too often, I head into the city for so much fun, a change of scenery and just to enjoy this great Southern city.  On our most recent city day we hit the Eric Carle exhibit at the High Museum and followed it up with lunch on the sidewalk at Tap.  “Kid-friendly” isn’t the first description you’d use to describe Tap when you first arrive or review the menu, but I just couldn’t face “kid-friendly” food this day so we decided to give it a whirl.  It turned out to be so much fun.  They were very welcoming to the only under-25 in the restaurant, made her a plain cheeseburger and even served it with the smallest, cutest chocolate milkshake just to make her happy.  And, my meal was so not kid-friendly and so delicious – a pork taco.  I love the High.  They always have new exhibits, it’s very kid-friendly and it’s within walking distance of tons of restaurants.  You park the car and enjoy a great day.  I’m excited for the The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit coming in June.  I grew up in the AirJordan era and am looking forward to sneakers as art.  Hmmm….  Another fun Atlanta day in the books!

Heavenly Dress

One last post before the holiday weekend because I just have to share this heavenly dress with you all.  First of all, I’ll be over-wearing this all summer long.  It’s super lightweight, blue and white striped (which works so well for summer), flows in the breeze and is just perfection from head to toe.  I dressed it up with some fun sparklies and wedges for Graduation Parties and dressed it down with red sandals and silver necklace, earrings and ring (Lagos is my go-to set for these days…) for last day of school parties and girls’ weekday lunch.  My point?  This dress works for summer!

Run your cute little booty over to Lou & Grey and grab one for the holiday weekend.  It would even work as a cover-up!  Love, Love, Love!

{I’ve also linked below to many great Lou & Grey dresses.  I have several of their tee and racerback dresses that are so fun for summer, travel and everyday fun.}