Give a Little ❤️ This Holiday

This favorite hat has been re-stocked in time for the holiday season. I love blue and red for a slightly different and festive look for the holiday season. This hat also makes a great gift for friends, Tennis captains, workout buddies and teachers. Grab one for you and a friend here.

Christmas Sweatshirt: Add to Pajamas and Parties

I have been ready for this sweatshirt and it got here just in time to add that little something to my holiday looks. I plan to wear this with everything from jeans to pajama pants to these cute plaid Free People pants to a sequin skirt. It’s the sweatshirt I’ll have on repeat for Netflix nights, Ornament Exchanges and all festivities in between. Grab yours here.

Give Small Maker • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 52 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #49

Shopping from the small batch maker is so fun. I love to find these people, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and it’s “easier” to just hit the department stores. So, I was so happy to see this project from a favorite blogger.

Jillian Harris is doing something special this holiday. She has partnered with Etsy to create a Holiday Collection from 9 smaller makers on Etsy.

And, let me tell what! She has partnered up on the cutest things. My hands-down favorite is the heart blanket with pom-pom detail. It is dreamy.

Shop her carefully curated Etsy Collection here.

Give Toasty Evenings • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 60 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #41

Ok, I did not know this existed, but now that I do know, I know everyone needs one.

Its a S’mores Kit!

It’s a box to carry your s’mores to camping, bonfires and friends’ houses. There is a place for everything you need. This kit is $13 at Lowe’s. You could load it up with the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and give an amazing gift that will always be tied to fun fireside memories.

All the ingredients can be found st your local Target or Publix.

Between Lowe’s and Target you’ve got an amazing gift for the fireside lovers on your list.

Give Good Vibes • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 61 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #40

Sprinkling joy, kindness and support around like confetti can’t be a bad thing. I was given one of these Little Word Project bracelets at a Girl Tribe event recently and it just made me happy. So…

I looked up the company to see their story after I was told to register my bracelet and then give it to someone in need as the opportunity presented itself. What a fun idea – passing along good vibes.

These little bracelets come in lots of colors with about 20 different words or phrases to choose from. The price is a great gift price point, too. These would be fun to give our daughters, nieces, teammates and anyone who loves a positive vibe. See the selection and shop here.

Give Bangles • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 63 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #38

Several years ago I came across this local brand and immediately fell in love.  I wear their bangles all the time, including this really fun one I got for October (below).  These are made in the Tampa Bay area of Florida by many local residents employed by the designer at Bourbon & Boweties.  They have a great local brand story and it’s been fun to watch them grow.

These bangles are on my Holiday Gift Guide because there is a bangle for everyone.  They make them in beautiful stones and colors.  In addition, they make them for Game Day looks, some that celebrate a hobby or a place, some with shotgun shells and the list goes on.  They keep coming up with new designs, too. 

I wear mine with so many outfits, but they really look so great at the beach so they are winners in my book. The price points are very reasonable, starting at around $30.  They are stunning enough to stand alone or you can get several and create a statement-making stack for someone.  This is a fun Southern brand that offers timeless pieces made in the U.S.A..  I could go on and on about how much I love mine.  Shop them here.

Made in the U.S.A.

Give Happy Feet • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 64 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #37

I love this idea! My friend, Danielle, shared this idea after her husband got this gift. It’s a sock subscription! So clever. I think this could be a fun gift for your dads, husbands and employees. No one likes to buy socks, but adding a little fun to your feet is always fun. If you have these to your team or employees, you would add some fun for the entire year. Every time someone wears a new pair of socks, they share them and have a little joy. I think this could be a fun way to contribute to employee morale, but I’m kind of a nerd that way.

I started researching the best companies to subscribe to and came across a list on Men’s Health. I decided to start there. Well, much to my joy, one of their Top 6 is right here in Atlanta, Sock Fancy.

I like Sock Fancy because they have lots of options. You can do men’s or women’s in a variety of style choices and length and subscription choices.

And, they even have one they’ve partnered on with King of Pops. We can never pass up a KOP Cart.

Shop the options here. I just love this idea and starting at just $33 for the shortest subscription, the price point is great. You can give 1-3 pairs per month for 3-12 months. Go as crazy as you’d like.

Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Give Spark • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 65 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #36

Yesterday you got the fire pit so it only makes sense to add the tools.

Wildlife Workshop Fire Tools have the tools you’ll have for a lifetime to go with that heirloom fire kettle.

They have tools to keep those fires burning and, most importantly, to roast those marshmallows.

Each fire tool is handmade, shaped and finished in Georgia. These are timeless pieces of art designed to handle large scale fires. This is what you get when you combine patience, dedication and craftsmanship. Burn, baby, burn. Shop here.

Give Fireside Chats • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 66 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #35

I could just put this picture with a link and that would really be all we would need, I believe.  Isn’t that the most perfect setting?  The fire pit is the subject of today’s post and it’s by Sea Island Forge.  These quality products are designed to “forge memories and relationships” according to their website.  I tend to do my best relationship building around fires so this gift idea is close to my heart.

Not only are these fire kettles perfect for a bonfire at the beach or anywhere else, they have accessories that turn them into cooktops and grills.  Imagine cooking the catch of the day on one of these beauties.

And, last but not least, keep it safe with a spark screen.  Whether its for a back yard or the beach, this gift will keep the spark of the season alive all year long.  Shop them here.