#1 On My 2019 (Ridiculous) Wish List

There is always some crazy expensive, unnecessary item on my fashion wish list. This year it is the craziest yet.

Yes, sneakers! I guess with my commitment to athleisure recently, it’s not a huge surprise, but these might be a bit much.

If I get a pair or two of these, I may never dress up again.

I need to set a big goal and these can be my reward for reaching it. Someone. Anyone. Help me justify a pair of these. Somethings tells me I won’t be able to stop at just one pair.

Oh wait just a minute… I have a birthday in just a few short weeks.

4th of July in Style

I really don’t even know where to begin on all the festive options we have for your 4th of July. Lots of red, white and blue and Summer prints. You’d need to celebrate for two weeks to wear them all. Ok, let’s do that! Well, maybe that won’t work…

If you need something fun that will work anywhere – pool, beach, fireworks, parade, party, Braves game, Atlanta United match or anywhere else, try our newest trucker hats.

These are super lightweight, velcro closure in the back, our signature anchor (of course) and that beautiful flag right up front. I made sure these had that yellow outline to give it a real pop of sunshine, too.

Grab both colors and have a great 4th! They are available at Henry & Pearl along with lots of other stylish options for your 4th.


Wrap Skirts & August

I’ve been having some fun in the SMIJ Studio this Summer. Outfit opportunities inspire outfits! I’ve made a couple of wrap skirts this Summer and I’m really enjoying them. This one is in a fabric that I think will look great for pre-Fall. Pre-Fall in my book just means styles you can wear now, but in colors that hint to Fall. Browns, oranges, blush pink and other sunset colors. Wrap skirts may be a SMIJ offering soon.. Stay tuned for options to wear to the beach or just our to dinner.

Saturday at the Pool

Saturday’s are for pools. I love these lightweight cover-ups for poolside fun. Easily pop these Caftans on and off for dunks in the pool, walks to to lunch, making your entrance and enjoying a stylish yet comfortable day hanging with your peeps at the pool. Shop these on-line and at Henry & Pearl.

Currently Scarf Obsessed

Scarves offer up about a million possibilities. I’m currently loving them around the neck, tied to a bag, in your hair, around your wrist and wrapped around a bathing suit. Depending on the size, you can do so many fun things. Let’s talk hair alone… Tie one around your head 70’s style for a concert or beach day, go Jackie O style and cover your head for a windy ride, tie one around a pony tail to take it up a notch or use one as a head band.

I’ve made one extra of this tiger print if anyone wants it. I think it would be so fun with a black bathing suit and big gold hoops for a Resort day. I’ll be posting more options soon as I see them.

Refreshingly Blue

This effortless caftan is the prettiest shade of blue. It fits right into the scenery complementing the blue sky and water. I love to toss on a pop of red for the Summer celebrations, too. There are lots of ways to style this one! Follow SMIJ on Instagram or on our Facebook page to see more options in the coming days. Grab one for yourself and have limitless options this Summer.

We make our apparel in small batches so pop into Henry & Pearl or on-line at www.smijbyjill.com to grab one soon.

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 is a SATURDAY, Y’all!

We love St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s a sign that Spring is upon us, maybe it’s that our gray and black Winter wardrobes get that much-needed pop of color or maybe it’s because it’s the first time many of us have ventured out since October. Whatever the reason, it is one of the best days of the year. This year it’s on a Saturday, too! We at SMIJ take our role in your St. Patty’s Day very seriously. We have NEW tees and hats just for you! Grab one on our website or at Henry & Pearl. Also, more to come next week.

Resort Looks for Every Resort Day

<Mumu Swim | SMIJ Caftan>

I am really in the mood to hit the beach. Looking forward to a trip is a l m o s t as much fun as the trip itself. And, that includes dreaming up those vacation outfits. I am one of those people who needs a different suit, cover-up, sunglasses, hat and sometimes even shoes for each beach day. I grew up in Florida. We didn’t have all those Fall and Winter looks to play with so we had to make the most of our Summer wardrobes. Beach looks are a Summer category all to themselves! Here are some SMIJ Cover-Ups paired up with some of my fave swim brands. Hope you get some Resortspiration here.

(Above) gingham suit – I chose to put that with our white cover-up that has red thread running through it. I think these two really complement each other. Great Memorial Day or 4th of Jily beach look, too.

<Topshop Swim at Nordstrom | SMIJ “happy” Caftan>

With the black & White Caftan, I thought a pop of color in the swim suit would be fun. It would look great with a black or white suit, too. Oh, and, mirrored sunglasses!

<Nordstrom one-piece | SMIJ One-Tie Cover-Up>

I love this pink flamingo cover-up. It has a one tie closure in the front giving just a peek at the suit underneath. So…how great to put a suit with some interesting detail there to be seen ever so slightly while you stroll up for a bite of lunch at the resort.

<Red one-piece at Nordstrom | Hat & Shorts are SMIJ>

I love Beach Shorts for running around those Beach Towns, and they can make great cover-ups, too. I put these with a sleek one-piece that can double as a tank off the beach.

<J Crew & Henry & Pearl>

Beach blues never go out of style. Piled on the Blue for this beach look. Grab some gold sandals and you are set.

<On-trend High-waisted suit at Nordstrom | Seersucker Caftan at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA>

Classic, timeless Seersucker and Navy. Enough said.

<Boys & Arrows Suit | SMIJ hat>

This is a beach-all-day look. Umbrellas, beach games, cooler, friends, kids, lunch on the beach, just add sunblock kinda look.

<SMIJ Madras Cover-Up at Henry & Pearl | J Crew Suit>

I love mixing and matching tops and bottoms and, with Madras, the combinations seem to be endless.

<SMIJ Wrap-Style Cover-Up in Seersucker | Nordstrom OnePiece>

This business started with our wrap-style Cover-Up and this little Seersucker version is just the cutest. I love the combo of the red, white, blue, stripes and gingham. It is one of my favorites. I paired it with red for the Summer.

Hope these ideas added to your ideas for your next sunny getaway.