3 Denim Styles You Should Have for Fall

I had the most fun yesterday.  I friend called and asked if I wanted to go jeans shopping with her yesterday.  It took me about 10 seconds to rearrange my day and re-prioritize to make that happen!  We had a blast!  She scored big time and I got to really dig in on this year’s styles to share with you.  This will take more than one post, for sure.  There are the cutest jeans this year.  I overheard other shoppers saying the same thing.  This year really has too many must-haves.  Hopefully, these fun denim trends are around for awhile so I can add to my collection over time.  For today, I thought it would be fun to share the three that I think are great starters for the Fall.

  1. A cropped released hem bootcut is a great one and every brand is doing their version.  Here is a favorite from Frame and I’ve linked up a bunch of jeans below in a chart where you’ll see more.
  2. You can’t go wrong with another pair with some varying denim washes.  I am not even kidding when I tell you that this is exactly what I wore to my first day of high school.  Things really do come back around.  Here is the pair pictured in this post and the ones my friend got.
  3. OK, this is one I’ve never had before, but tried on and LOVED.  A side stripe is totally on-trend and super cute.  They come in many colors and brands and styles, but one thing is for sure, the side stripe is in.  This is one of my favorites in that trend.

See below for the collection I’ve linked up to show you just some of the favorites I have for the season.  This list was compiled with denim and trend experts at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and a 3 hour fitting room session so I feel pretty confident we are on point here.  It’s going to be a fun season for those of us who love jeans!


How could I not cover the Little Denim Dress as the self-proclaimed “Suburban Mom in Jeans”?  I have about 3 of these!  They are so perfect for so many seasons and I’ve found a few that you might love, too.  The one I’m wearing in these pictures is from Loft (similar HERE) – it is so soft and I got it on one of their great sales.  My two other favorites in my closet are from Soft Joie (just got an alert that this one went On Sale!) and Bella Dahl, but there are many other options – see links below.

CP Shades option ($212), Frank & Eileen option (awesome shirts, too!), 7 For All Mankind (on sale, less than $100), & Tommy Bahama (under $100).

I chose Snakeskin sandals to make this a “transition to Fall” outfit.  Tory is my fave and here are a few options for now and later in the Fall:  Casual Sandals like mine, On my Wish List, Little Heel to dress it up, and for later in the Fall – Boots!

You can accessorize about a million different ways with the denim “blank slate”.  My choices for this post are from Bauble Bar (don’t even click on these links unless you have an hour to browse!  They offer good sales on affordable jewelry and their website will suck you in…).  My jewelry is no longer on the site, but the newer options are endless – I recommend this necklace, earrings , Cowgirl Cuff & Ring Set.

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Thank you for visiting the SMIJ by Jill blog!  It’s so fun to share my finds and outfits with my fashion friends.  Sometimes (often) I feel silly writing about fashion when there are much more important things to be thinking about, but that’s kind of the point.  Life is hard and there are big decisions to be made, sadness and tragedy, and all the other things life throws at us.  Fashion is one of those nice little escapes.  Thanks for escaping with me!