More Beach, Please – Resort Style

I think the school system must have realized that we all need the beach a few times per school year. I love how we have all these breaks giving us many chances to breathe that sea air. I’m already picking fabrics and styles for Spring/Summer 2018 Cover-Ups and Vacation Shorts. Plan lots of beach days because you’re going to want to wear SMIJ S/S ’18. 

Patch up Your Fall

I was out doing my Fall Fashion Research this week and these were the fashion Find of the day, for sure.

The latest fashion trend is to put patches on your denim jackets, jeans, camo shirts, utility jackets and overalls. I’ve seen lots of patches around, but this is the first time I’ve seen pins that look like patches. Brilliant! With these pins from Saks, you can patch up anything, change them and switch clothes. At $10/each they can make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and Fall fun. 

Click on any picture to access the list. 

Fashion Blogger Find: Great Early Fall Dress(es)

I like to follow fashion bloggers. Some I follow are very similar to my style and some are quite different. By seeing the way they put outfits together I discover great brands that fit my style and get challenged to move outside my comfort zone now and then. One of the fashion influencers I follow is Loverly Gray. She is super cute, local and humble and helpful in her InstaStories and posts. She posted this dress a few weeks ago and I just loved it for several reasons. It comes in several colors, it’s a great price point, its embroidery detail is on-trend and it’s a nice transition weight and style. I wore it yesterday for church and brunch and it handled an early Fall Sunday that was in the hot mid-80s like a champ. Check out her fashion blog for all the details on this dress. 

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Bombs Away this Fall – Fall Trend Focus: Bombers

OK, they come quilted, shiny, embellished, reversible, velvet, leather, oversized, undersized… you name it.  Get this!  Members Only even has a new one out.

One thing is clear, bombers are in and you can choose fabric and fit and be right on trend.  These look great with the platform, statement sneakers you’ll be seeing everywhere this Fall, too.  I love this look for a casual Fall day or you can dress these up with boots and skirts.  The fit of the bomber jacket and the many fabric options allow for many different looks.  They even have a slimming effect when they hit right at the waist.  Grab one for the Fall, wear it with everything, be on trend.

It’s All About the Hem this Fall

I’m a jeans lover! Suburban Mom in Jeans, after all. This year’s crop (pun intended) of jeans has me all fired up. They are frayed, dropped, cropped, uneven… I’m loving all the options and I’ve rounded up a bunch to get us started. Shop my picks here and below! 

Arrowhead Jackpot & New Kendra Scott Color

It’s a new Kendra Scott season! When I moved to North Georgia from Florida it was really all about the boots and sweaters. I just love Fall fashion. And, it’s looking like Kendra Scott is adding some great colors to go with all those Fall outfits. I’m wearing a new ring and necklace in Red Jasper. Here are the earrings, too. Click on here for my Shop Instagram page to see my latest faves for Fall. 

Live on the Edge into Fall

One way that I transition a summer dress into Fall is by adding some edgy, heavier pieces. Here I took my favorite summer dress and added some gunmetal, all black accessories, oversize, black sunnies and, of course, some snakeskin.  And, to give it a bit more Fall vibe, my new Bond lipcolor.  I was cool as a cucumber all day, but looked a little less summery.  Have I mentioned how much I love this dress?!?! 

Gray, Slouchy & Chunky – NO, that’s not me on a Monday (well… sometimes…)

I Love Beanie Season!  I usually prematurely wear a fun hat like this one and end up sweating – and looking like an idiot.  This year, though, I was right on time when the temps dropped 30 degrees overnight just when I had to be outside a bit more.  So, I think I actually looked like I knew what I was doing.  Love when that happens!

So, where can you find the hottest beanies for our short Southern beanie season?  Here are my picks:

(More pictures below.)

GRAYS |  Gray one like mine here ($45), here ($255) and here ($12)

POM-POMs | Super Cute Pom-Pom Options HERE ($16), HERE ($26) and HERE ($48), Bo BIG or go home HERE ($29)

SLOUCHY | Super Slouchy (not usually a good description of someone’s fashion, but works for winter hats…) HERE ($48), HERE (on sale $14) and HERE (Reversible, $34, 2 for the price of 1!)

CHUNKY | Again, not a great word when describing someone, but again… works for hats.  Beautiful color and price HERE ($34), Chunky & Cheap HERE ($18), Great Neutral HERE ($9), Super Unique and $$$ HERE ($225), Free People HERE ($28)

CASHMERE | Basic Black HERE ($80), Reversible Cashmere HERE ($150), This one just looks SO soft HERE ($95), Leopard (cuz no post is complete without some animal print…) HERE ($119), Winter White if that’s your thing HERE ($100)

The rest of my outfit, too:  Ray-Ban Sunnies | Madewell Cape Scarf HERE and HERE | Enza Costa Cashmere with Thumbholes tee | Frye Boots | Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Uber Suede

Free to Be Cozy                       


I got this sweater on a fun date night at Avalon with my hubby after the Bert’s Big Adventure Benefit.  It was quite warm that night, but I knew I would be loving this as soon as the weather changed.  I was right!  It was so perfect for a windy, cool day yesterday.  It started out gray and rainy and ended up sunny and windy.  It worked perfect all day.  It was also appropriate that it went on a lunch date to Salt Factory (Try the Louisiana Eggrolls – YUM!) with hubby for it’s first outing.

Outfit Details: Free People Sweater | Hudson Skinny Jeans | Similar Boots (currently also on my Wish List) | Must Have Right-Hand Ring | Favorite Gold Hoops | J. Crew Scarf is never a bad idea (similar)


3 Shopping Strategies I've Learned from 3 Stylish Chicks + One of My Own

There are good things about getting older…  Experience is a huge benefit – even when it comes to something like SHOPPING!  Today, I’m sharing three shopping strategies I’ve learned over the years from three very stylish ladies + one of my own rules.

Get the Entire Outfit:

First of all, the person I’ve spent countless hours shopping with… my college roommate, Kim.  Ever since we were in college, she was great about shopping by the outfit.  Kinda like a Rooms 2 Go for clothing.  I would sometimes buy a shirt I liked, but wouldn’t have pants to wear with it and it would just hang there.  Kim was great about planning the entire outfit at once so what she purchased actually was worn.  Loved it and have used that strategy ever since.

Know Your Go-To Brands/Stores:

Then, my great friend and other college roommate, Mel, had a great strategy, too.  She knew brands she liked and fit her well and she would go back to those again and again. To this day she is my best-dressed friend, always looking put together and stylish.  She knows what she looks great in and knows where to find it.  I use her strategy with my go-to brands and stores now, too.

Go High & Low:

There are some timeless things that are worth the money.  A great business look if you go into an office or see clients.  Boots!  Of course… A nice bag, a coat, a great pair of jeans or a classic blazer.  You can pair these more expensive things with less expensive items and have a great look AND still send your kids to college.

Now, my rule – The 3 Second Test:

This rule has saved me a lot of money and regret since I learned it years ago.  If I don’t love – and I mean LOVE – something within the first 3 seconds, I do NOT buy it.  It will hang in my closet with the tags on it never to be worn.  Only buy something if you love it immediately and you’ll enjoy it for a long time.

Speaking of…. HERE are a few things that have definitely passed my 3 second test lately!