Candy Stripes

I just could not live without this print once I knew it existed.  It reminded me of a beach umbrella and took me to a very happy place.  Not to mention it goes nicely with my Shirtdress & Espadrilles program I got going this summer.  Shop it HERE and other great items in this print below – even for little girls.  Simply irresistible!

Driveway Boot Camp

I rediscovered a workout program that works for me and my daughter and I wanted to share my journey for a few reasons.  First of all, to remind myself of this successful workout I did when my son was the age my daughter is now.  Secondly, for some accountability.  I’m hoping by writing about it, I’ll feel even more committed to it when the newness wears off.  So… help me!  Third, I know I’m not the only mom who has trouble finding the time – or the childcare – to get to the gym, go for a run or attend any other fitness program that excludes kids.  I thought I could share my ideas for staying fit even when you can’t get to a class or gym regularly.  I call it Driveway Bootcamp and when I did this a few years ago, I was in some of the best shape of my life.  My go-to fitness has always been running.  I would take off for a run around 2 or 3 in the afternoon for a mid-day energizer, but once I was home with kids, that was not possible.  I finally figured out Driveway Bootcamp.  I’ll document a few of my workouts in case it could inspire someone reading this.  You’ll see things like sun salutations for warm-ups, lots of planks, burpees, walking lunges, jumping squats and lots of core work.  I’ll include some pictures, too.  Here are some of the benefits I’ve seen over the years and two kids:

  1.  First of all, a great workout.
  2. It’s outside which is always my first choice of workout venue.
  3. If you have a garage, it’s weatherproof while still providing fresh air.
  4. It gets the kids outside, too.  I pull out toys, driveway chalk and bubbles and we all have fun.
  5. You can blast some fun music.
  6. I actually taught both my kids to count this way.  I would always count my reps out loud and they both were soon counting with me.

Wish me luck, hold me accountable and get inspired to sweat with me.  And, not to leave out the fashion angle, I love to be super low maintenance for this.  The whole point is getting it done.  I go for supportive tanks and running skirts.  The fewer things to put on the better and quicker.  Athleta has been my choice.  I’ll link below to some of my faves from them.

Atlanta, Have I Told You Lately How Much I Love You?

Maybe a little too often, I head into the city for so much fun, a change of scenery and just to enjoy this great Southern city.  On our most recent city day we hit the Eric Carle exhibit at the High Museum and followed it up with lunch on the sidewalk at Tap.  “Kid-friendly” isn’t the first description you’d use to describe Tap when you first arrive or review the menu, but I just couldn’t face “kid-friendly” food this day so we decided to give it a whirl.  It turned out to be so much fun.  They were very welcoming to the only under-25 in the restaurant, made her a plain cheeseburger and even served it with the smallest, cutest chocolate milkshake just to make her happy.  And, my meal was so not kid-friendly and so delicious – a pork taco.  I love the High.  They always have new exhibits, it’s very kid-friendly and it’s within walking distance of tons of restaurants.  You park the car and enjoy a great day.  I’m excited for the The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit coming in June.  I grew up in the AirJordan era and am looking forward to sneakers as art.  Hmmm….  Another fun Atlanta day in the books!

Gunmetal is the New Gold

I’m currently loving the gunmetal finish for jewelry.  It gives a little edginess to a look and some days… you just need that.  Kendra Scott does gunmetal in a strong way.

See my favorites:  Swirly Ring | Double Tasseled | My Necklace | Super Awesome Midi Rings | The I’m-Not-Cool-Enough-To-Wear Hand Bracelet | Favorite Color Earrings | Words Cannot Describe | Great for Summer – Would wear with black one-piece swimsuit || My Zebra tunic HERE, too!

SMIJ Fashion Field Trip

On an absolutely perfect Spring day in Atlanta we ventured out for a SMIJ Field Trip.  This particular trip has been on my 2016 list and I was down to one more day until it was gone.. gone.. gone..  It is the SCAD FASH, Museum of Fashion + Film and, great news, it’s been extended through April 17th. It’s a small exhibit at SCAD that combines a few of my favorite things.  First of all, a great girly morning which could only be ended with lunch on a Buckhead patio… of course.  Secondly, it’s in midtown and I love an excuse to get into the city.  Third, it’s about fashion which I just find so fun.  Lastly, it included a photography exhibit which included shots of the “upper echelon” of fashion.  Very fun to get a glimpse into a moment in time in the lives of these creative people.

After the photography exhibit we turned the corner to see a room full of “costumes”, the first U.S. exhibition of Daniel Linsmore, a London-based very flamboyant stylist. He has been proclaimed “London’s Most Outrageous Dresser” by Vogue.  After seeing this exhibit, I have to believe Vogue must be correct.

It was a fun morning!  I recommend grabbing a girlfriend, or your daughter, and heading out for a great morning of fashion, photography and fun.

My OOTD:  Hoops | Charm Necklace | Criss Cross RingC of H Jeans | Gold Sandals (similar) | Top:  Spring calls for my timeless Lily Elsa Top!  I’m not a “Lily Girl”.  This is actually the only Lily I own, but this Elsa top is perfection.  It hits just right, is super lightweight, comes in great colors and I love it with white jeans – and I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to live in the South unless you own one Lily piece.   Mine is no longer available but here are other great Lily prints. Pink/Green, Navy/Pink, Pinks, LaPlaya, Gorgeous Sky Blue, Navy & Green Tiger Palm, Flamingos!, Pink Sands, Good Reef, Let’s Cha Cha, Flirty, Oh Shello, Southern Charm.



Denim Everything • Spring Trend Favorites

{Links to these beauties below.}
Well, this trend is right up my alley!  Denim from head to to is on trend this Spring and it’s time to load up!  I headed to Nordstrom to buy a replacement pair of my favorite gold hoops.  Has this ever happened to you?  I lost one of my favorite gold hoop earrings.  I figured it would show up so I held on to the other one, but everyday when I saw it I felt sad and frustrated that I didn’t have the other one (such problems, I know…) so I finally just gave up and decided to get rid of the one I still had.  Well, a few days later, the lost one did show up!  Ugh!  Thankfully, these awesome hoops are only $24 so I decided to grab another pair and be more careful this time.

Anyway, back to Spring Trends.  We’re covering Denim Everything today and I couldn’t be happier.  I love being able to wear denim with denim.  It wasn’t long ago that this look wouldn’t have been so cute.  So, to cover this trend, I threw on the denim layers and went in search of some things I loved.

{OOTD:  Nordstrom Gold Hoops | Current Elliott Denim | The BEST layering Tank (only $9) | Denim Shirt Similar | Tory Burch Sandals similar }

I didn’t have to look far.  Right when I walked in the door to Saks the denim outfits were literally lined up (see picture below).  Beyond your basic jeans, here are some faves I found (everything in above picture is linked below).  Enjoy piling on the denim, right down to your shoes, this Spring. I know I will!

Denim Jacket – Perfect for Spring layering.  (I think I’m becoming a FRAME denim fan.) | FRAME Cullottes | Overalls (I said I’d never wear Overalls again – we’ll see…) | White is always a great choice to give some variety | Denim & Moto – two trends in one | Panel Skirt | Flare Front Pocket Jeans | Cutoffs, Of Course | Deconstructed Long Skirt | Bermuda Shorts | Denim Bathing Suit | Bella Dahl (you won’t believe how soft) Denim Dress ($196) |Sleeveless Denim Dress | Bella Dahl Pull-On Denim Shorts | Everyone needs a Denim Blazer | Sleeveless Denim Jumpsuit | And the Shoes – Sandals ($795),  Jimmy Choo ($895), UGG ($175), Chloe (LOVE!), Michael Kors ($99), Crazy, but FUN, Open Toe Mule (Beautiful), Christian Louboutin Wedge and Platform ($700+), Patchwork Clog ($130), Denim Wedges ($125)



Mommy & Me Day ATL Style


Reese and I have been anxiously awaiting the Grand Opening of the new and improved Atlanta Children’s Museum and we finally went in late January.  This is such a fun weekday morning activity to do with pre-schoolers (good up to age 9, they say).  I’ve been to bigger, more elaborate children’s museums in Chattanooga and Orlando to name two, but the Atlanta one has always been a hit with my kids and this time was no exception.  I like it because it is small enough that it feels more intimate and you don’t lose your kids (a recurring nightmare I have in public places…).  They pack quite a few exhibits into this space and the kids love it.  It has good local flavor, too, with a Waffle House replica in kid-size.  It’s in a fun location on the edge of Centennial Olympic Park so there is good downtown energy and a great excuse to visit the park and have a fun city day, complete with a girl’s lunch in our case.

Outfit Details:  Ripped Up Jeans | Camel Cardi Option ($79), Option ($26), Cashmere Option ($232 on sale from $646) | Polka Dot Tee Option | Converse Kicks | Watch Similar (wish list!) | Nails | Sunnies (LOVE these!!!)

Apple Pickin' Fashion + A Super Fun Place to Take Your Kids

Its been raining so much, but we just couldn’t take it anymore and headed out anyway.  We got super lucky and ended up driving right out of the rain into sunshine.  Later to find out that the line of clouds was just below Blue Ridge, GA.  I couldn’t have planned that better IF I had planned that.  Turned out to be a beautiful drive – I mean so beautiful.  Beautiful leaves, misty morning, just Fall splendor everywhere.

It was a Mommy & Me morning and I have an animal lover on my hands.  Armed with that knowledge we headed to Hillcrest Orchards in Ellijay, GA.  I love fresh, tree-ripened apples so much so it’s hard to keep me out of apple orchards during this short period of time when they are just so perfect.  With Hillcrest we got a petting zoo, complete with kittens!, apples, creative play equipment, nature walk and lots of fresh air, scenery, nice people and fun.

And, it was a perfect day to layer up in my new Target denim sherpa jacket.  Details below…  Happy Fall, Ya’ll!



Target Jacket | SMIJ Tee | BaubleBar Ring | J Brand Pants (LOVE THESE!!!) | Michael Kors Watch (similar – mine is very old, but I still love it.) | Essie Polish (Halloween left-over mani) | Ray-Bans | Nordstrom Oversized Hoops | Judith March Hat (similar) | My Longhorn necklace is from Mercantile in Seaside, FL