Resort Looks for Every Resort Day

<Mumu Swim | SMIJ Caftan>

I am really in the mood to hit the beach. Looking forward to a trip is a l m o s t as much fun as the trip itself. And, that includes dreaming up those vacation outfits. I am one of those people who needs a different suit, cover-up, sunglasses, hat and sometimes even shoes for each beach day. I grew up in Florida. We didn’t have all those Fall and Winter looks to play with so we had to make the most of our Summer wardrobes. Beach looks are a Summer category all to themselves! Here are some SMIJ Cover-Ups paired up with some of my fave swim brands. Hope you get some Resortspiration here.

(Above) gingham suit – I chose to put that with our white cover-up that has red thread running through it. I think these two really complement each other. Great Memorial Day or 4th of Jily beach look, too.

<Topshop Swim at Nordstrom | SMIJ “happy” Caftan>

With the black & White Caftan, I thought a pop of color in the swim suit would be fun. It would look great with a black or white suit, too. Oh, and, mirrored sunglasses!

<Nordstrom one-piece | SMIJ One-Tie Cover-Up>

I love this pink flamingo cover-up. It has a one tie closure in the front giving just a peek at the suit underneath. So…how great to put a suit with some interesting detail there to be seen ever so slightly while you stroll up for a bite of lunch at the resort.

<Red one-piece at Nordstrom | Hat & Shorts are SMIJ>

I love Beach Shorts for running around those Beach Towns, and they can make great cover-ups, too. I put these with a sleek one-piece that can double as a tank off the beach.

<J Crew & Henry & Pearl>

Beach blues never go out of style. Piled on the Blue for this beach look. Grab some gold sandals and you are set.

<On-trend High-waisted suit at Nordstrom | Seersucker Caftan at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA>

Classic, timeless Seersucker and Navy. Enough said.

<Boys & Arrows Suit | SMIJ hat>

This is a beach-all-day look. Umbrellas, beach games, cooler, friends, kids, lunch on the beach, just add sunblock kinda look.

<SMIJ Madras Cover-Up at Henry & Pearl | J Crew Suit>

I love mixing and matching tops and bottoms and, with Madras, the combinations seem to be endless.

<SMIJ Wrap-Style Cover-Up in Seersucker | Nordstrom OnePiece>

This business started with our wrap-style Cover-Up and this little Seersucker version is just the cutest. I love the combo of the red, white, blue, stripes and gingham. It is one of my favorites. I paired it with red for the Summer.

Hope these ideas added to your ideas for your next sunny getaway.

Trucker Hats & Ray-Bans

I seem to be developing a habit…  I’m loving trucker hats with aviators this summer.  Great way to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes and there are so many great options right now.  My hats are Judith March (with the exception of my Cowgirl Kitchen one) and there are so many other fun ones out there, too.  I’ve linked to a bunch below.  Cover your summer!

For Red, White & Blue, Look No Further Than MuMu

For Red, White & Blue, look no further than MUMU.  I built a list of 67 items that I would love to wear – every last one of them passes the “SMIJ-3-second-test” (Scroll all the way down to see all 67).  I plan to spend the weekend at the beach and these MUMU pieces go very nicely in that environment.  From the coffee shop in the morning, to the beach all day to walking up to get ice cream each evening – and especially to see fireworks.  I know which one I’m wearing for the fireworks already!  Click on any of the pictures to shop each piece.  Have fun and get your RED, WHITE and BLUE on!  U.S.A.!

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #17 • Be a Head Case

Head bands and scarves are a cute way to say “summer hair, don’t care”.  I often go to my trusty top knot or pulled back low pony tail, but sometimes I like to make my not trying look a little more like I tried.  That’s where headscarves and bands come in.  This one I got at the beach, which is the perfect place to wear these, but there are many choices around town now, too.  See my current faves below.  They look cute with summer dresses, shorts and tees or bathing suits.  Reese looked at me on this day and said with her face all twisted up, “What’s that on your head?”  She immediately stole it for herself.  So, I’ll have to get two of whichever I want, I realize.  Good thing, there are a lot of inexpensive choices around, too.


50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #23 • Flamingos Go with Summer

My favorite form of pink in the summer is… FLAMINGO!  I love this little crossbody flamingo bag from Francesca’s. It came in other fun summer things like anchors and watermelon slices, too.  We even have a SMIJ by Jill Flamingo Cover-Up.  I love it over a black bathing suit on a hot July day at the beach. Flamingos and summer just go together and they are a SMIJ style must for every summer.  I pulled a list of lots of fun flamingo options below.  Click away!

SMIJ by Jill flamingos

Zoo ATLANTA flamingos

Eric Carle flamingos

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #21 • Add Some Interest with Flip-Flops

Put the finishing touch on a summer tee dress with a cute, wild pair of flip flops.  My two go-to brands for beach and pool are Tory Burch and Havaianas.  They are waterproof, comfortable, fun and really liven up any beachy outfit.  Above I mixed prints which is so scary, but I think I nailed it… if I do say so myself.  I will be wearing the heck out of these wedge flip-flops this summer.  Green is a favorite color, these go with black and white nicely and the wedge gives some comfort and flatters the leg.  Sold!

I’ve gathered some great choices below.  Hope you find your new favorite!

You can either click on the picture for the details or I’ve also included links to each below.  

Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $35
Tory Burch Thandie Wedge Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $65
Tory Burch Wedge Thin Flip Flop • Tory Burch • $65
Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
TORY BURCH PVC thin flip-flops • Tory Burch • $60
Tory Burch Printed Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $75
Tory Burch Thandie Printed Wedge Flip-Flop Sandal, White/Ellora • Tory Burch • $48
Tory Burch Wilhelm Wedge Flip-Flop Sandal, Fiesta/Ivory • Tory Burch • $75
Tory Burch Thin Leaf-Print Flip-Flop Sandal, Black/Pas du Tout • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Flip Flop • Tory Burch • $65
Tory Burch Wilhelm Wedge Flip-Flop Sandal, Poppy Red/Ivory/Royal Tan • Tory Burch • $55
Tory Burch Thin Rubber Flip Flop Sandal, Ivory • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Thin Geometric-Print Flip-Flop Sandal, Poppy Red/Sarno • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Printed Rubber Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Printed Rubber Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $50
Tory Burch Thandie Wedge Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $45.50
Tory Burch Thin Printed Flip Flops • Tory Burch • $35
Charlotte Olympia Charlottes Web Havaianas Flip Flops • Charlotte Olympia • $115
Havaianas High Fashion Wedge Flip Flops • Havaianas • $38
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Havaianas Flip Flops • Charlotte Olympia • $65
Kate Spade New York Just Married Flip Flops • Kate Spade • $58
MM6 Printed Flip Flops • Maison Margiela • $240
TKEES Solid Flip Flops • TKEES • $50
Tommy Bahama ‘Whykiki’ Flip Flop (Women) • Tommy Bahama • $27.95
kate spade new york ‘nassau’ flip flop (Women) • Kate Spade • $48
Havaianas ‘Slim’ Logo Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $26
Havaianas ‘Slim Animal Print’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $28
Havaianas Slim Tie Dye Flip Flops • Havaianas • $30
Charlotte Olympia Bruce Havaianas Flip Flops • Charlotte Olympia • $50
Havaianas ‘Slim Liberty Lioncera’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $42
Ipanema ‘Naja’ Flip Flop (Women) • Ipanema • $23.95
Havaianas ‘Slim’ Logo Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $26
Havaianas ‘Slim Royal’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $32
Teva ‘Deckers’ Flip Flop (Women) • Teva • $31.95
Havaianas ‘Slim’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $30
Havaianas Slim Retro Flip Flops • Havaianas • $28
Havaianas Slim Paisage Flip Flops • Havaianas • $34
Havaianas Slim Princess Flip Flops • Havaianas • $30
Havaianas x Charlotte Olympia ‘Bruce’ Flip Flop (Women) • Havaianas • $55

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #9 • A Fabulous Cover-Up is Top Priority

I believe this so much so that I’ve designed and manufactured my own!

But, mine aren’t the only ones I appreciate.  A great cover-up is essential for beach time and it has lots of requirements.  First of all, it needs to … cover you up, but also be flattering, great on a bike, show off a tan, be an extension of your swimsuit and allow room to build sand castles, pull wagons and flow in the breeze.  Whew!  So much for one little piece of fabric to do.  Here are my current faves (mine and others…) with links below the picture.  Happy Beach Days Ahead…

#1 –  Endless Summer | #2 – Seafolly Gypsy | #3 – Mini Caftan | #4 – The Seaside Wrap | #5 – Mumu on the Beach | #6 – Flowy Caftan | #7 – Beaded Caftan | #8 – Pretty in Pink | #9 – Got the Beat | #10 – The Spartina Wrap | #11 – Maxi Shirtdress | #12 – Young, Wild & Free Caftan | #13 – Flamingo Open Tunic | #14 – Tassled Rose | #15 – Gingham Summer | #16 – Boyfriend Shirt | #17 – On-Trend & Off-The-Shoulder


Resort Cover-Ups in time for Labor Day Trips


I am very happy to share that we are on target to have the above five styles and colors from our first Resort Cover-Up Line available in time for Labor Day Weekend.  This is such a great way for me to celebrate the last weekend of summer.  Nine months ago there was one sketch on a post-it note and today I’m close to launching the first five styles with three more to follow.  I’ve been wearing the samples of each of these all summer and loving every minute of it.  They have traveled well, washed well, looked great, attracted compliments, taken me from beach to town and made me feel Southern Beach Chic.  I am so excited to share them with everyone soon.  I have made only a small number of each, but expect to add to the inventory as needed.

Thank you to all who have been supporting me along the way.  We’ve only just begun…

Happy Saturday


Just last Saturday I had my feet in the Gulf. I had never seen the water so perfectly clear. It was our final day of vacation and it couldn’t have been more perfect.
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