More Beach, Please – Resort Style

I think the school system must have realized that we all need the beach a few times per school year. I love how we have all these breaks giving us many chances to breathe that sea air. I’m already picking fabrics and styles for Spring/Summer 2018 Cover-Ups and Vacation Shorts. Plan lots of beach days because you’re going to want to wear SMIJ S/S ’18. 

For Red, White & Blue, Look No Further Than MuMu

For Red, White & Blue, look no further than MUMU.  I built a list of 67 items that I would love to wear – every last one of them passes the “SMIJ-3-second-test” (Scroll all the way down to see all 67).  I plan to spend the weekend at the beach and these MUMU pieces go very nicely in that environment.  From the coffee shop in the morning, to the beach all day to walking up to get ice cream each evening – and especially to see fireworks.  I know which one I’m wearing for the fireworks already!  Click on any of the pictures to shop each piece.  Have fun and get your RED, WHITE and BLUE on!  U.S.A.!

SMIJ Fashion Field Trip

On an absolutely perfect Spring day in Atlanta we ventured out for a SMIJ Field Trip.  This particular trip has been on my 2016 list and I was down to one more day until it was gone.. gone.. gone..  It is the SCAD FASH, Museum of Fashion + Film and, great news, it’s been extended through April 17th. It’s a small exhibit at SCAD that combines a few of my favorite things.  First of all, a great girly morning which could only be ended with lunch on a Buckhead patio… of course.  Secondly, it’s in midtown and I love an excuse to get into the city.  Third, it’s about fashion which I just find so fun.  Lastly, it included a photography exhibit which included shots of the “upper echelon” of fashion.  Very fun to get a glimpse into a moment in time in the lives of these creative people.

After the photography exhibit we turned the corner to see a room full of “costumes”, the first U.S. exhibition of Daniel Linsmore, a London-based very flamboyant stylist. He has been proclaimed “London’s Most Outrageous Dresser” by Vogue.  After seeing this exhibit, I have to believe Vogue must be correct.

It was a fun morning!  I recommend grabbing a girlfriend, or your daughter, and heading out for a great morning of fashion, photography and fun.

My OOTD:  Hoops | Charm Necklace | Criss Cross RingC of H Jeans | Gold Sandals (similar) | Top:  Spring calls for my timeless Lily Elsa Top!  I’m not a “Lily Girl”.  This is actually the only Lily I own, but this Elsa top is perfection.  It hits just right, is super lightweight, comes in great colors and I love it with white jeans – and I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to live in the South unless you own one Lily piece.   Mine is no longer available but here are other great Lily prints. Pink/Green, Navy/Pink, Pinks, LaPlaya, Gorgeous Sky Blue, Navy & Green Tiger Palm, Flamingos!, Pink Sands, Good Reef, Let’s Cha Cha, Flirty, Oh Shello, Southern Charm.



50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #9 • A Fabulous Cover-Up is Top Priority

I believe this so much so that I’ve designed and manufactured my own!

But, mine aren’t the only ones I appreciate.  A great cover-up is essential for beach time and it has lots of requirements.  First of all, it needs to … cover you up, but also be flattering, great on a bike, show off a tan, be an extension of your swimsuit and allow room to build sand castles, pull wagons and flow in the breeze.  Whew!  So much for one little piece of fabric to do.  Here are my current faves (mine and others…) with links below the picture.  Happy Beach Days Ahead…

#1 –  Endless Summer | #2 – Seafolly Gypsy | #3 – Mini Caftan | #4 – The Seaside Wrap | #5 – Mumu on the Beach | #6 – Flowy Caftan | #7 – Beaded Caftan | #8 – Pretty in Pink | #9 – Got the Beat | #10 – The Spartina Wrap | #11 – Maxi Shirtdress | #12 – Young, Wild & Free Caftan | #13 – Flamingo Open Tunic | #14 – Tassled Rose | #15 – Gingham Summer | #16 – Boyfriend Shirt | #17 – On-Trend & Off-The-Shoulder


Two Greats

There is nothing better than an cool morning or evening on the beach and that is exactly why I made this “Varsity Caftan”.  It’s made out of super soft sweatshirt fleece with a fun navy and white trim and the cut is a flowy, loose, boho caftan cut.  I wore this for a morning walk on the beach and it was perfect.  Thank you, October!

Ray-Ban Aviators | Havaianas | Vitamin A Bathing Suit

Core Inspirations – Be True

As I continue to reflect on my first season, I’m continuing this blog series on my Core Inspirations. So much happens during your first couple of years in a new business that it has been helpful for me to look back at what originally inspired me and filter that through all I have learned so far.  It has been so fun to learn and stay the course through this first season.

That brings me to my second Core Inspiration – Be True.  I have a shopping rule which has now also become a designing rule – its my 3-Second-Test.  If I don’t love – and I mean LOVE – something within 3 seconds, I move on.  This shopping rule has saved me so much money over the years and it is now helping me stay true to my vision.  There are many people who have taken an interest in my business, which is so flattering. Along the way, someone will say “Oh, I wish you made that in __________ (insert color, length, fabric, style)”. In the very beginning I felt tempted to try to make what they suggested.  I’ve learned to settle down and simply make what I love.  Make my vision, not someone else’s.  I am me and I can only design what I envision and love.

So, if you see it on SMIJ by Jill, you know it’s something I love and wear.  I have so many ideas in my head and so many fun things to try. Thanks for joining me on the ride!


Classics Trending…

One of my favorite magazines to browse through is InStyle. I love how they put together realistic outfits and share where to find great items. Flipping through this issue, I was thrilled to see these two classics, caftans and shirt dresses, trending for Summer 2015. 

Our SMIJ by Jill Summer Collection includes our take on both! Visit to see how much fun we have with Resort Cover-Ups and, stay tuned in, our Caftans and Shirt Dress will be here soon, too!

Thanks for stopping by…


Beach Season



I am so happy it’s Beach Season!  The entire reason I started this business last January was so I could have my dream cover-ups on the beach all season long and, here I am a year later, wearing and loving these styles. I took along this stretch linen pull-over cover-up to Florida last week and loved every minute of it.  It is soft, has a nice drape (word I’ve learned in the past year…) and was really pretty against the Florida backdrop.  I think it even made me look a little more tan than I am – nice bonus!

It was extremely rewarding to get to wear one of my styles.  I look forward to a summer of Southern Beach Chic moments on the Southeastern beaches.  We’re heading to Fernandina Beach in a few weeks for our Summer 2015 shoot. Stay tuned for the pictures….

(Outfit details:  Cover-Up, SMIJ by Jill; Shoes, Tory Burch)

Cover-Ups Ready for the Resort Season




2014 has been such a thrill for me! For years I’ve been searching for the perfect beach cover-up and just never found one with every detail I wanted.  So, in January of 2014 I had the idea of designing one for myself, finding a seamstress and making it in a few different colors.  Well, one thing led to another and by the end of 2014, I have 8 styles in several colors available for others who may have similar taste to mine.  The process has been so fun.  I can’t even begin to describe the support, excitement, education and experiences I have had so far.  I’ll share them in bits and pieces on this blog as I continue down this path.

Today, four of our styles are available in Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA.  The team at Henry & Pearl will always hold a special place in my heart for taking a chance on a new brand and designer.  My goal will continue to provide amazing cover-ups in fabulous fabrics, made by professionals in the U.S.A. for the upcoming Resort Season and into Spring and Summer 2015.

Please stop in Henry & Pearl to see the Cover-Ups and just visit an amazing store full of great clothes and gifts for men and women. Try as hard as you can, but you won’t be able to leave empty handed.





New Resort Styles Coming Soon…

I am so excited to introduce our two newest Resort Cover-Up styles heading into production.

“The Trudie” (We’ll also be introducing a short sleeve version of this tunic, “The Elinor”.)

“The Lucy” Reverse Wrap Style
Stay tuned for availability…