Need This? It’s Almost Gone…

Everyone’s Favorite camo zip code hat is almost sold out. Nnnnnooooooo!!!!!!

And, I can’t thank you enough. I know a lot of these were given as gifts this past holiday season and I love seeing them on all you beautiful people all over town.

We are about to re-stock zip code hats for the Spring, but camo, at this point, won’t be re-stocked. We’ll definitely re-stock it, but maybe not for awhile.

So, grab one on-line here if you are going to want one for Spring Break or a gift in the next few months. K? K!

Love is in the Air – Got Yours?

‘Tis the season for hearts and chocolates and those you love. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I love it for the pops of pink and red in the midst of the often dreary winter months.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be wearing my heart hat on repeat until Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun excuse to spread love wherever I go.

Our denim heart apron is almost sold out so grab one soon if you want it for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve already seen several of you around town wearing your heart hats. You’re making the world a brighter place. Thank you!

#1 On My 2019 (Ridiculous) Wish List

There is always some crazy expensive, unnecessary item on my fashion wish list. This year it is the craziest yet.

Yes, sneakers! I guess with my commitment to athleisure recently, it’s not a huge surprise, but these might be a bit much.

If I get a pair or two of these, I may never dress up again.

I need to set a big goal and these can be my reward for reaching it. Someone. Anyone. Help me justify a pair of these. Somethings tells me I won’t be able to stop at just one pair.

Oh wait just a minute… I have a birthday in just a few short weeks.

Forced to Learn

Horrors! My fave – and super easy – app for fixing up my pictures for the Gram, etc went away. Oooohhhh nnnoooo! What do they say “necessity is the mother of invention”? I finally had to figure out presets I see so much about.

It took me most of Friday, but I downloaded two preset packs, one from Creative Market and one from Alexa Jean Fitness.

I had to put them in Lightroom in my computer and move them to my Lightroom Mobile on my phone because I do most everything from my phone. Next level pros do it on their computers always, but… not me.

I Googled how to do it which has never failed me in any category from troubleshooting my sewing machine to figuring out common core math. I tried a few things and none seemed to work. Then all of a sudden all my presets were on both my computer and phone’s Lightroom.

Really not sure how I finally got them where I needed them but 2019 is the year of precets for SMIJ. I haven’t found my signature precets yet, but I’m having fun figuring it out.

What have you been forced to learn lately?

Welcome Back, Football Season

Ahhh, football returns. Looking forward to Playoff and Bowl Season. There are still a few tailgate meals we haven’t checked off the list, for one thing.

Good luck to your team!

Holiday Cozies are Here

Introducing SMIJ Holiday Cozies. Four sweatshirts to keep you festive and cozy throughout the holiday season.

Dress up one of these feminine sweatshirts with a sequin skirt for a neighborhood Christmas party or dress it down with leggings for an on-lie shopping session.

Either way, these cuties will keep up with your holiday pace in style. Shop them here or tap any picture.

Give Lake & Beach DeLIGHT • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 84 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #17

OK, I love Turkish Towels.  Where have these been my entire life?  We needed to purge our old beach towels this Summer and I decided to give Turkish Towels a try.  I will never go back to sandy, heavy, stinky beach towels again. I got mine from Riviera Towel Company out of California. They give a portion of sales back to the ocean.  (I got mine on Amazon where they sell, too.)  As you read this, click any picture to shop.

Turkish Towels are super lightweight making your beach bag much smaller and lighter which is a nice treat as you trek to your spot in the sun.  They are absorbent and dry fast so you can use them on and off all day. Each time you use it feels like the first time that day.

They are also very pretty. Bonus!  They can be wrapped around your waist or shoulders for a stylish walk down the beach, too.

I love this American Flag one.  I will definitely have a set of these before next 4th of July.  

Also, these are very affordable ranging in price from $24-$48.  If you have a beach or lake lover on your gift list, you cannot go wrong with a Turkish Towel.  They even make robes which would heaven at a lake or beach house.  They also do blankets for a super chic beach or boat set-up. 

Give Friendly Competition – and Lots of Laughs • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 85 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #16

It’s been a minute or two since we’ve hosted a Game Night, but I’m currently planning one. Some of the most fun times we have with family and friends is with a wild game of Pictionary or Outburst or Taboo. We laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. Good for the soul!

Last year, I found this container of dice and I leave it on our dining room shelf. At any moment it’s ready for a good game of whatever.

This Christmas, you could give games that fit people’s personalities. There is no age limit on games so they are truly enjoyed by 2-102. You are giving them many evenings of fun and bonding by giving a good game. Even the most classic games such as Monopoly come out with updated or themed versions every year so you don’t have to worry if they already have it. It’s a gift that gives so much more. Play. Laugh. Compete. Bond.

Give Success • 100 Ideas in 100 Days | 96 Shopping Days Til Christmas • SMIJ Gift Guide • Idea #5

Give the gift of a plan.  Do you know a recent college grad, someone starting a business, anyone setting their sights on a big goal or, like the rest of us, getting ready for 2019?  Then have I got some fun for you!

I came across this fun 90 day planner and it is a goal-crusher.  I love a good planner, but I like that this one focuses on the “next 90 days”.  You can really make some major strides in 90 days with a solid plan.  This planner helps you think through what’s important, what your goals are, what you really need to do to hit them and, super important, what to stop doing.  I have mine ready to go to start in October.  I have fabric to buy, patterns to finalize, Spring line to get out, social media strategy to execute, on-line store to update, inventory to organize, stores to see, deliveries to make, collaborations to nurture – the fun list goes on.  I am excited to focus on my next 90 days with “My Next 90 Days“.  Something tells me I’ll be getting a new one several times per year.  Luckily, they come in several colors.

Shop them here.  Also, tag them in a post and they give a planner to Girls, Inc.  Plan and do good!  Nice…

111 – Why Should this Number Mean Something to Us?

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to get our Christmas shopping done early this year? I ran into a friend this weekend who said she had just secured five Christmas presents! At first, I thought “Wow, that is really early to start shopping!”, but then… I realized it really wasn’t. There are 111 shopping days until Christmas.

I actually am lucky enough to be featured in a magazine’s upcoming Holiday Gift Guide, too! More on that later..

<Click on any picture to shop.>

For now, let’s take a page from my friend and get started!

Our zip code hats are always in demand and even more so at the holidays. If you want to give these for Christmas, get them now because they always sell out. I do my best to keep them stocked, but.. they always sell out. And, thank you for that, btw.

These Wanderer scarves are going to be a style staple this year and would be so fun in a stocking or for teachers and friends. I love things that are “one size”. Takes the guesswork out of giving style.

Game Day hats are popular, too. People love them for all the Spring sports, but often sell out by then.

And, when we get to Christmas, the beach lovers in your life are planning their new year vacations. Resort Season is weeks away and the countdown to Spring Break is about to begin. It’s a great time of year to give Resort. Our Caftans are one-size and so fun for all things resort and Beach Town. It’s always a good idea to give the beach!

Do you know someone who loves to cook or entertain? Our Aprons by themselves or partnered with the latest best-selling cookbook make a fun holiday gift.

My goodness! I didn’t even realize how many gift options we had until I started writing this. I’m so excited! You can give a lot of SMIJ this year. Stay up to date by subscribing to the SMIJ NEWSLETTER, too.