Congratulations, Blessed Trinity

I’m so excited to see how great Blessed Trinity football is doing this post-season. Way to go, Titans!

Findlay Rowe and Serendipity in Roswell have our Game Day and green and camo “30075” hats and Henry & Pearl in Milton has this “BELIEVER” sweatshirt to help you support your Titans.

This Color!

I love this color for Fall and Kendra Scott nailed it with these Red Jasper pieces.  They go with a lot of my Fall favorites already in my closet, I’m finding, too.  They are a great brick, red jasper, deep red -whatever you want to call it.  These pieces really work great to turn a neutral outfit, like a denim dress, into a Fall outfit.  I threw them on with a t-shirt and jeans to add some Fall color to my look on days that are just too hot to wear other Fall faves.  Great new color that I’ve got on repeat!  If you are looking to invest in some new Kendra Scott this Fall, I can definitely recommend this choice.   Click the pictures below to shop.


It’s Friday! Do You Know What You’re Wearing for Game Day?

We’ve got lots of fun choices on line HERE or in store at Henry & Pearl. Grab a cute, feminine Game Day tee to show your support and look great doing it. Happy Game Day!

Bombs Away this Fall – Fall Trend Focus: Bombers

OK, they come quilted, shiny, embellished, reversible, velvet, leather, oversized, undersized… you name it.  Get this!  Members Only even has a new one out.

One thing is clear, bombers are in and you can choose fabric and fit and be right on trend.  These look great with the platform, statement sneakers you’ll be seeing everywhere this Fall, too.  I love this look for a casual Fall day or you can dress these up with boots and skirts.  The fit of the bomber jacket and the many fabric options allow for many different looks.  They even have a slimming effect when they hit right at the waist.  Grab one for the Fall, wear it with everything, be on trend.

Trucker Hats & Ray-Bans

I seem to be developing a habit…  I’m loving trucker hats with aviators this summer.  Great way to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes and there are so many great options right now.  My hats are Judith March (with the exception of my Cowgirl Kitchen one) and there are so many other fun ones out there, too.  I’ve linked to a bunch below.  Cover your summer!

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • # 20 • Own a Favorite Pair of Neutral Wedges

One thing I’ve come to value is a great, comfortable pair of neutral wedges.  These and a pair of flip-flops and you could get away with packing only two pairs of shoes for a vacation (but, who would really do that?!).  My point is that they go with everything – even a black dress.  I love the way they look with anything, anytime.  Get a pair with a good platform for comfort in a color that flatters you own skin tone and you are set for summer with dresses, cropped jeans, boot cut jeans – really, any jeans! – shorts or caftans.

Below, I’ve linked below to a few of my favorites from my two go-to shoe designers.  Enjoy the hunt! 

Click on a shoe for all the details and shoppable links should you choose to buy.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style • #12 • Colorful Travel Bags

It’s the travel season and that brings me to our #12 Element of SMIJ Style – Fun Travel Bags.

One of the things I love about summer trips are all the fun excuses to carry colorful bags.  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been trying to travel light around town with my Eyn Phone Case, but on a trip, you need a bag to hold sunglasses, kids’ toys, maps, tickets, sunblock, water bottles and the list goes on…  I love this one I got from Target last year.  It is no longer available, but never fear there are soooo many great ones out there now.  


Here are some of my faves – Target Anchors ($29), Target Lobsters ($29), See Thru Pineapple ($15), Seafolly Bright Blue ($52), So Cute Canvas Cactus Tote ($24), Destination Tote (Love the Maps!, $18), Classic & On-Trend Nautical Stripes ($44), Gucci (You know i always have to throw in a ridiculous option, $2,400), Cute Emoji Tote ($675), To The Beach ($62), Sunshine ($62), Palm Trees ($25), At the Beach ($49).

Happy Exploring this Summer!

SMIJ Fashion Field Trip

On an absolutely perfect Spring day in Atlanta we ventured out for a SMIJ Field Trip.  This particular trip has been on my 2016 list and I was down to one more day until it was gone.. gone.. gone..  It is the SCAD FASH, Museum of Fashion + Film and, great news, it’s been extended through April 17th. It’s a small exhibit at SCAD that combines a few of my favorite things.  First of all, a great girly morning which could only be ended with lunch on a Buckhead patio… of course.  Secondly, it’s in midtown and I love an excuse to get into the city.  Third, it’s about fashion which I just find so fun.  Lastly, it included a photography exhibit which included shots of the “upper echelon” of fashion.  Very fun to get a glimpse into a moment in time in the lives of these creative people.

After the photography exhibit we turned the corner to see a room full of “costumes”, the first U.S. exhibition of Daniel Linsmore, a London-based very flamboyant stylist. He has been proclaimed “London’s Most Outrageous Dresser” by Vogue.  After seeing this exhibit, I have to believe Vogue must be correct.

It was a fun morning!  I recommend grabbing a girlfriend, or your daughter, and heading out for a great morning of fashion, photography and fun.

My OOTD:  Hoops | Charm Necklace | Criss Cross RingC of H Jeans | Gold Sandals (similar) | Top:  Spring calls for my timeless Lily Elsa Top!  I’m not a “Lily Girl”.  This is actually the only Lily I own, but this Elsa top is perfection.  It hits just right, is super lightweight, comes in great colors and I love it with white jeans – and I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to live in the South unless you own one Lily piece.   Mine is no longer available but here are other great Lily prints. Pink/Green, Navy/Pink, Pinks, LaPlaya, Gorgeous Sky Blue, Navy & Green Tiger Palm, Flamingos!, Pink Sands, Good Reef, Let’s Cha Cha, Flirty, Oh Shello, Southern Charm.



Guest Post: Henry & Pearl – Trends in Store Right Now

I had the chance to do another Guest Post for one of my favorite stores this week. It was great timing, because they are bursting with Spring trend choices and I was excited to share them. Check it out below or at .


I can’t believe it’s almost April! Georgia is bursting with the first bright green leaves, azaleas, dogwoods, daffodils – and pollen. If you can stop sneezing long enough, you’ll enjoy those very few weeks where it seems everything is springing up (pun intended). That includes Spring Fashion, of course! And, we are so fortunate to have all those Spring Trends right at our fingertips at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA.

I peeked into to Henry & Pearl last week to grab those jeans I’d blogged about during my last guest post. Remember those? I couldn’t stop thinking about them so… the rest is history. This time I was overwhelmed with all the cute things they have that top this Spring’s must-have list. I thought it might be fun to highlight 4 of the top fashion trends for Spring and then share a few pictures of what they have in store right now.

Let’s get started!

I popped in on Good Friday and my little “assistant” was out of school so we did a Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day and went to play in all the beautiful clothes and accessories. It is very easy to talk your kids into visiting Henry & Pearl because very often Henry himself is there. He was not there this particular day so I have an active promise to stop back by and love on him a bit. Either way, armed with an iPad and a bag of Cheese-Its, Reese enjoyed some time on H&P’s patio and helped me narrow down my favorites in each of our 4 categories. 

Trend #1: Stripes

Stripes are huge this Spring and Henry & Pearl is loaded up! Stripes are such a great look against the bright blue skies and spring colors all around us. They look great on the beach and with all forms of denim (more on denim later…). My personal faves are stripes in shades of blue and they have them – wide stripes, thin stripes, horizontal, vertical. The point this season is to wear stripes and get creative with them. 
Trend #2: Red, White & Blue

I love red, white and blue in the Spring and Summer always and so happy to see if out in full force this season. It’s an election year, we have Memorial Day and the 4th coming up and it seems designers are enjoying the moment. There are lots of great choices for men and women currently in store. My favorites are this super cute star tank and the great selection of bathing suits for men. I love anything with the flag, anchors and stars and they’ve got it now. 
Trend #3: Tie-Dye

Isn’t it fun that tie-dye is in style? I love the casual feel of tie-dye for tops and dresses. They look great with blue jeans, white jeans, and shorts and just blend in at the pool and beach. My favorites are this MUMU tunic and this cute blue and while tunic tank. I believe they would be on a weekly rotation for me all summer long. 

Trend #4: Denim Everything

Best for last! 

Denim is head to toe this year – even shoes are showing up in denim. And, you can wear denim tops with jeans, denim dresses with denim shoes, seriously, denim everything goes. I like to mix shades of denim. I love white denim on the bottom and blue denim on top. Henry & Pearl have these great cut-offs that you could top with a denim shirt and Havaianas, now also in store, for a great all-American summer look. This could be my summer uniform, for sure. They have great denim pieces and I’m guessing they’ll go fast.

I had so much fun playing dress-up at Henry & Pearl with all the Spring Trends. Carve out some time to play and head on in there. The team is great about pulling pieces and helping you as much as you want. They love to have you try on the looks and will set you up for Spring. If you’ve got a trip planned or just like to hang out at the local pool or lakes, you’ll also find great pieces to take along as you make summer memories. I know you’ll enjoy your visit as much as I did.

Mommy & Me Day ATL Style


Reese and I have been anxiously awaiting the Grand Opening of the new and improved Atlanta Children’s Museum and we finally went in late January.  This is such a fun weekday morning activity to do with pre-schoolers (good up to age 9, they say).  I’ve been to bigger, more elaborate children’s museums in Chattanooga and Orlando to name two, but the Atlanta one has always been a hit with my kids and this time was no exception.  I like it because it is small enough that it feels more intimate and you don’t lose your kids (a recurring nightmare I have in public places…).  They pack quite a few exhibits into this space and the kids love it.  It has good local flavor, too, with a Waffle House replica in kid-size.  It’s in a fun location on the edge of Centennial Olympic Park so there is good downtown energy and a great excuse to visit the park and have a fun city day, complete with a girl’s lunch in our case.

Outfit Details:  Ripped Up Jeans | Camel Cardi Option ($79), Option ($26), Cashmere Option ($232 on sale from $646) | Polka Dot Tee Option | Converse Kicks | Watch Similar (wish list!) | Nails | Sunnies (LOVE these!!!)