It’s Friday! Do You Know What You’re Wearing for Game Day?

We’ve got lots of fun choices on line HERE or in store at Henry & Pearl. Grab a cute, feminine Game Day tee to show your support and look great doing it. Happy Game Day!

Zip on Over to Henry & Pearl

I’m loving all the red, white and blue in this summer’s fashion.  To join the fun I made some “30004” tees in that color scheme and they are NOW at Henry & Pearl in Milton, GA.  There is Blue with Red “30004” as pictured and also Red with Blue “30004”.  Grab one to celebrate Memorial Day, July 4th and even Milton Football in a few months.  Happy Red, White & Blue Summer!


Game Day!

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New SMIJ SOUL tees have arrived just in time for the first college football game and I couldn’t be happier.  September is here, the leaves are even changing in Georgia and football is starting.  I even found a few Fall-blooming azaleas blooming so it’s for sure – Fall is on it’s way!  Good times ahead and, for us fashion lovers, good fashion ahead.  Very excited about incorporating some Fall trends into Game Day Outfits.

The 70s vibe, over-the-knee boots, long cozy cardigans, patchwork denim (which I wore to my first day of high school, BTW…), Capes (really want a cape!), Culottes (again… noticing my age here…), Windowpane Plaid (I’m making my own… pictures to come…) and Fringe – just to name a few.

For now, grab a basic tee for the first football weekend and come along as we build from there!


SOUL T-Shirts – What T-Shirt Speaks To You?


It has been so much fun choosing symbols for our SOUL tees.  SOUL stands for “Symbols of Unique Lives”.  Each of these symbols can mean something different to different people.  Some simply represent fun seasons (flamingo), a favorite team (elephant or football), while others may have a deeper meaning (anchors or tennis player).  We’ll be adding to the collection and also adding long sleeve for the Fall and Winter season.

Check out the selection of SOUL tees HERE and see if one of them speaks to you, too.

Welcome to the new SMIJ by Jill Blog!


I am very excited to launch our new blog today.  On the previous blog, I’ve been introducing the brand little by little.  Please click HERE (or on each link below) to see the past posts.  We’ll continue the story here.  Thanks for stopping by as we have fun with beach wear and SOUL t-shirts.  Thanks for visiting!

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Happy 4th of July!

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