Going to the U.S. Open? Travel Chic



Anyone headed to the U.S. Open in a few weeks?  This trip remains on my Bucket List, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start outfit planning for it.  Since it’s still pretty hot in NYC in early September, this irresistible outfit would be great for the freezing cold plane ride there.  New York-bound in a cute “New York” sweatshirt in a great summer navy is the perfect travel outfit.  Not only is the outfit cute and chic, but it is super comfy.  The sweatshirt is cozy, but not too heavy and the jeans are stretchy and soft without losing their fit.  Toss on some wedges that you can slip out of in-flight and you’ll look New York Chic to start your trip.  Shop the pieces below.

50 Elements of SMIJ Style – #4 – Arrive in Style

During college I was going home with a friend to visit her family and about 15 minutes out from our destination she started touching up her make-up, straightening out her clothes and brushing her hair.  My first thought was why bother… we were tired, had been driving hours and I didn’t see the point.  But… it stuck with me.  How nice to arrive looking like you have some energy and enthusiasm about visiting that person or place.  The journey is so fun, but the visit begins upon arrival so why not start fresh!  This leads me to our #4 of the 50 Elements of SMIJ Style – Arrive in Style.


 So, I’ve taken on this element of style and now I have an excuse to plan yet another outfit – my travel day outfit.  Yay!  Arrive in style – the journey is part of the adventure and deserves it own style.  Whoever is on the other end will appreciate a put together, bright traveler to enjoy, too.  At the very least… apply lipstick.

Here is my travel day OOTD today as I head out to visit a Georgia destination I’ve never before seen…. Wide Leg Crops | Clog similar HERE, HERE and HERE | Denim Shirt HERE, HERE and HERE | Sunnies | Arrive in Style!


50 States Before He Graduates

This is going to be so fun!  Now that both of my kids are at great ages for traveling it’s time to get back on the road.  One thing I’ve always tried to do is expose my kids to this great country.  My parents took us to many great places – Niagara Falls, Football Hall of Fame, Chicago, California, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida and the list goes on…  Then, with my career, I’ve gone to many more places – Austria, Germany, London, France, and many more U.S. States.  Traveling is so fun and eye-opening and I’m not done seeing new things and now Pat and I have these super fun little people to do it with us.  I thought it would be fun to try to see all 50 states before Grant graduates from high school.  I’ve marked my map with states he’s already visited.  Right now I’m not counting driving through as having “visited”.  If we get desperate nearing graduation we may count those or extend this to college graduation.  If we get serious and slow enough at this he may be highly educated to meet this goal!  Maybe a doctor… Anyway, we’re going to do our best to get this done by HS graduation.

Of course, I’ll share our experiences here as we check off 50 States Before He Graduates.